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Kögel Strong & Go body

Kögel Strong & Go body – Code XL and Daimler 9.5 without lattices

  • Quicker, easier and safer loading and unloading


For all versions of Kögel platform trailers, Cargo, Mega and Lightplus of the Novum generation, the brand new Kögel Strong & Go body is now available as an option. The body complies with DIN EN 12642 Code XL body stability and Daimler guideline 9.5 without the use of lattices. With the Strong & Go body, a beverage certificate can be obtained with considerably fewer rows of lattices. This means that Kögel not only complies with the requirements of the sector for shorter loading times, but that it also grants drivers faster, simpler and safer handling during loading and unloading.

The many benefits of the Strong & Go body

The new Kögel Strong & Go body consists of the innovative body of the NOVUM Generation combined with a Kögel integral roof tarpaulin and a side tarpaulin with stiffening belts, which comply with Daimler Directive 9.5. Thanks to this solution, lattices are no longer required to comply with the Daimler Directive 9.5 for the transport of pallet cages and strapped loads. For certified beverage transport, only one row of lattices at the height of the first beverage crate stipulated by VDI 2700 Sheet 12 is required for single-level and double-level beverage crates on standard pallets with the Strong & Go body, instead of three or four rows with the normal body. The omission of the upper row of lattices simplifies handling and reduces loading and unloading times. In addition, safety is improved for the driver and the load, since falling slats and damage to the goods from the slats is excluded.

Load-securing options for partial loads


The simplest option for load-securing for partial loads is conventional head lashing. In this method, a lashing strap is looped around the sides and behind the cargo and fastened to the lashing points on both sides. Either the lashing points in the Vario Fix steel perforated external frame, or the 13 pairs of standard lashing brackets can be used. In practice, a Euro pallet or special edge protectors are often used to secure the transverse belt behind the load against slipping. Alternatively, an optional load-securing system for partial loads with steel combination anchor rails and load-securing beams is possible. Using this method, a load of 27 tonnes can be secured to the rear with only two beams. The above-mentioned load-securing system for partial loads enables the sliding tarpaulin to be opened at the side for unloading without first entering the loading platform.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co.KG