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Komatsu PC58MR-5E0 is going to be revealed at SaMoTer 2020

Komatsu Europe is going to reveal a brand new excavator at the upcoming trade show SaMoTer 2020 that was postponed to 21-25 October 2020. We talked to Mr Arne Marx, Utility Business Development Manager of KOMATSU Europe International N.V., and questioned him about the new machine.

What are the key characteristics of this model?


The PC58MR-5E0, like the other models in the 5 series, is an excavator in the 6-ton class constructed for greater versatility, safety, comfort, and lowest operating costs. With its properties, it is the flagship of the Komatsu compact machine series.

What type of job is the machine best suited to do?

The option to equip the PC58 with the Powertilt and quick coupler from Komatsu turns it into a device carrier and a versatile machine for a wide range of applications.

Can you name features that differentiates this machine from others?

The load capacity of the PC58 has been increased so that, despite its compact design, it is in no way inferior to conventional machines. An additional roller in the chassis increases driving comfort for the operator. The exhaust pipe led upwards protects employees in the area from inhaling the exhaust gases and prevents soot deposits on structures when working in confined spaces or burning the turf when used in gardening and landscaping.

What type of companies is this machine designed for?

Due to the multitude of configuration options and the optional Powertilt and Komatsu quick coupler, the PC58MR5-E0 offers an unprecedented variety of possible uses in all areas. Road construction and pipe laying are just 2 of countless possible applications.

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Company overview

Komatsu Europe is the European Headquarter of the Komatsu Group. Established in 1967, the company was firstly based in Antwerp and Haren (Brussels) but moved to Vilvoorde in 1973. The subsidiary of the Japanese gigant currently serves as the gate for import and distribution of construction, utility and mining equipment to Europe and North Africa.

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