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Kordsa participated in Tire Tech Expo 2020 with its sustainable tire reinforcement technologies

The global player in the tire and construction reinforcement and composite technologies markets Kordsa participated in Tire Tech Expo, Europe’s mostimportant tire manufacturing technology exhibition, held in Germany between 25-27 February.


Reinforcement leader Kordsa participated once more in Tire Tech Expo, one of the World’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference. At the fair held in Hannover, Germany between 25-27 February, Kordsa exhibited its tire reinforcement products as well as its sustainable and innovative technologies developed with its “Inspired to Reinforce Life” vision. During the fair was also showcased the Cokoon dip technology developped with Continental as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the formula used in the industry for nearly one century.

Kordsa develops reinforcement technologies to increase unique moments in life and reinforces this understanding with its “Inspired to Reinforce Life” vision. At its hightech tire reinforcement facilities, the Company manufactures tire cord fabric that provides flexibility and durability by using nylon 6.6, polyester (HMLS and technical), rayon and by processing aramid yarn. Kordsa also manufactures single end cord by using yarns made from synthetic yarns such as nylon, polyester, aramid and rayon. Besides the capacity increase following the inauguration ot its new production line at its Izmit facility in April 2019, Kordsa now produces new generation high strength polyester yarn with improved dimensional stability in addition to the standard HMLS polyester yarn. Kordsa reinforces every 1 out of 3 automobile tires in the world and every 2 out of 3 aircraft tires, and develops environmentally friendly technologies that reduce rolling resistance by putting sustainability at the center of its work.

Source: Kordsa