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Kubota announces new partnership with FarmFacts

Kubota and FarmFacts have started to cooperate in order to provide the best equipment for farmers, making their work easier. This cooperation will increase user benefit within the Kubota dealer landscape.


Kubota and FarmFacts, a recognised provider of agricultural software, have developed a full compatibility in order to increase precision in farming through data exchange. Such compatibility allows farmers to exchange data between the Farm Management Information System software and Kubota’s tractors or implements. This new partnership combines the products and the know-how of both companies to make farmers’ work easier by transferring data from one device to another.

Kubota was searching for a professional, experienced and reliable partner which was compatible with its Systems. In this regard, FarmFacts makes the perfect partner since this cooperation will increase user benefit within the Kubota dealer landscape.

FarmFacts’ digital farming and precision farming solutions are intended to increase efficiency and profitability through a database, which enables optimisation of farm labour and a better management of agricultural machinery.

These farming software solutions, such as the AO “Agrar Office”, one of the core products of FarmFacts, enable fast flow of information between devices. Kubota machines concerned with this compatibility with FarmFacts are the K-Monitors and all ISOBUS machines which are able to work with the variable rate application (Seeder – Precision Drill – Spreader – Sprayer).

This partnership will benefit both parties since hybrid systems will rule the agro markets in the future.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit