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Kubota DSM-W GEOSPREAD – For Guaranteed Profitability

GEOSPREAD® Section Control in medium sized segment of weighing spreaders


Kubota is introducing the DSM-W GEOSPREAD weighing spreader with a 1300 – 2800 hopper content and a maximum working width of 33 metres. The ideal model in the medium sized spreader segment for arable, mixed or professional dairy farmers. The GEOSPREAD system makes it possible to manually or automatically adjust the working width very quickly.

High Technology in the Medium Sized Segment

The combination of the bigger hopper content of 2800 litres and the maximum working width of 33 metres makes the DSM-W GEOSPREAD the ideal weighing spreader in the medium sized segment. Even in combination with smaller tractors. Filling the hopper, for example with a big bag, is made easy because of the 245 cm hopper width. The GEOSPREAD technology which is used on the larger models is also used on the medium model, which guarantees a high technology spreader.

Guaranteed Profitability

Based on previous coverage, field borders, headlands and task data, the automatic section control of the DSM-W GEOSPREAD adjusts the working width and dosing system by a GPS positioning system for perfect overlap and coverage with minimum over and under dosing. For example, when driving in a wedged or irregular shaped field, GEOSPREAD will start to adjust the working width step by step. Easy operation as there is no need to change any settings on the spreader or the ISOBUS terminal!

The GEOSPREAD system ensures a saving of 5-15% on fertiliser”, says Jeroen van Turenhout, Senior Product Manager. “As with GEOSPREAD the relative cost saving will even be bigger when the average field size is smaller. The DSM-W GEOSPREAD can be an ideal weighing spreader for many different farm types“.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit