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Kubota extends it range of Twin Rotor Rakes with two new year heavy duty models

Kubota extends its range of twin rotor rakes with the new RA2580 and RA2590 Pro. Efficient centre swath rakes with 8 and 9m working width respectively. Both rakes are fited with heavy duty ProLine gearboxes, adjustable working width and very compact dimensions during transport.

RA2580 – Heavy Duty Centre Swath Rake with Smart Transport Solution


Kubota RA2580 offers 8.0m working width and 12 tine arms on each rotor. The working width can be hydraulically adjusted between 7.0–8.0m, leaving a swath width between 1.2-2.2m.

Kubota RA2580 cleverly masters both extensive working width and compact transport measures. The new design of the wheel axles allows for adding generous 380/55 wheels as standard and still offering a transport chassis width as narrow as 2.80m, making it the perfect match for narrow roads and tight gateways. Transport height is below 4m, even with all tine arms attached. No need to leave the tractor, just fold and go. Add in the 80° turning headstock and active wheel steering, and you have a highly manoeuvrable rake on road and in the field.

RA2590 Pro Makes it Easy to Set Rotor Height Correctly

Kubota’s 9m centre swath rake is now available in a new Pro version that includes the operator friendly ComfortKit. It features a handheld joystick control that brings all control function into one clever solution, including rotor height adjustment, change of working width, lift of rotors during headland turns, lift of only one rotor at a time and lowering of Hydro rear axles for transport. The ComfortKit control box includes an operator display showing key information clearly at all times.

A key function of the new ComfortKit is the ability to easily control and adjust rotor height, important in order to suit the rake to different field conditions. The height of each rotor is controlled electronically, and actual height of each rotor is shown on the screen of the control box. In this way fine tuning of rotor height and work result is easily done on the go.

It is possible to adjust rotor height of each rotor individually or together and install customised settings, achieving a consistent result. In addition the minimum height can be set and calibrated to avoid the driver going too low into the stubble. The joystick also includes an automatic adjustment feature, where rotor height is changed by 5% by every up- or downwards movement of the joystick.

In addition to the ComfortKit the Kubota 2590 is a high spec rake with 9m working width featuring important elements such as hydraulic adjustment of working width (between 8-9m) and hydro axles that lowers the rake for transport to make go below 4m transport height, even without detaching tine arms.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH