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Kubota presents Seed Drill Combination SC1000 and SC1000C for the simultaneous application of grain and fertiliser

Kubota as a specialist of seeding technology presents the seeding combination SC1000, as rigid version in 3m and 4m working widths. These machines are available either as standard drill combinations (SC1000) or as a grain and fertiliser versions (SC1000C). The SC1000 works at high forward speeds, typically 10-18km/h, whilst maintaining a consistent seeding depth.

Working zones


The SC1000 with the robust sturdy V-frame has a modular design. Up to six working zones are available. These include: an 800mm diameter front wheel packer to level the soil in zone one and two rows of aggressively pitched 450mm conical discs (taken from the short disc harrow CD1000) follow in zone two.

Packing prior to seeding defines the third zone, with a 900mm diameter off-set wheel packer reconsolidating soil and reducing the draft requirement.

The heart of the drill is zone four: the coulters. The Kubota coulter development - the CD coulter - uses two steel discs with 12.5cm row spacing. Gently profiled, the CD coulter requires less pressure to penetrate soils and leaves more of the available 100kg coulter pressure to be transferred to depth guidance and press wheels, which are located in the fifth zone.

Completing the drill’s elements in zone six, there is a choice of S-type or finger following harrow – you decide which harrow is best for your soil.

The grain and fertiliser version offers two different ways of fertiliser placement to fulfil the customers’ demand. The first version offers the fertiliser placement in the second row of the disc harrow unit to place each 25cm a row of fertiliser. The second possibility is to place the fertiliser in each seed row via the CD coulter unit.

ISOBUS and fully automatic Headland Management

A host of new features are included such as a fully-programmable management system. Using one button, the operator can initiate a headland sequence with wheels, discs and coulter bar all capable of automatic operation in timed stages. As a result, the drill needs only one double-acting spool to operate. Also the metering device stops automatically with the headland sequence. This ensures that no seed is lost by double seeding.

The SC1000 meets the Isobus 11783 standard, with the ability to control all main elements of the drill individually and from the IsoMatch Tellus screen (or other ISO 11783 compatible screens). This will be a considerable advantage.

GEOCONTROL is offered as optional equipment including variable seed rate and section control as part of the software package. Optional weight cells on the grain only version can be installed beneath the seed hopper to give a live weight of seed remaining in the hopper.

The metering device – ELDOS

Depending on the machine version, one or two electric driven metering devices which are centrally or laterally positioned ensure excellent dosing of seeds and fertiliser.

Seed rates from 2 to 400kg/ha with only 4 standard rotors for fine or big seeds respectively fertiliser are possible, depending on working width and speed. To exchange the rotors no tools are needed. The “e-com” system can be controlled optionally via GPS and is fully ISOBUS compatible.

The transport width corresponds to the working width of the machine and the rear mounted wheel packer also acts as a transport device.

The SC1000 combines innovative technology with proven know-how – to be ready when the time is right.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit