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Kverneland 2500 i-Plough A new generation of intelligent ploughs

Isobus Kverneland mounted reversible plough


Kverneland has developed an Isobus mounted reversible plough. The Kv 2500 i-Plough enables any relevant plough settings for perfect furrows from the tractor cabin. On board, the Isobus screen clearly shows how to adjust the plough within finger tips.

“From road to perfect ploughing in a record time”

It has never been so easy to set a plough from a transport position to the perfect ploughing from the tractor seat. For example, the i-Plough enables to :

  • automatically calibrate the plough settings to the tractor rear wheel settings

  • easy set the plough from transport to ploughing position and vice versa

  • adjust : left and right plough angle, 1st furrow, ploughing width and depth

  • straighten furrows according to a chosen A-B line (FURROWControl RTK / DGPS )

  • change the position of the Packomat while ploughing (1st furrow along edges) to transport position.

Clear display of potential operations

The i-Plough aims at simplifying the working life of the farmer/contractor. The Isomatch Tellus or any Isobus displays show clearly the potential adjustments. It also goes beyond by offering a better control of the Farming management via the Task Records and the possibility to control the total of hectares ploughed.

The Four essential functions

Ploughing : all important adjustment possibilities from tractor cabin via the Isobus screen.

Transport : automatic sequences to ensure a safe transport.

Marking : important function for “non-square fields” and for nice in´s and out´s on the head land.

Parking : safe and trouble free parallel setting of the cross shaft connection to the tractor lower links.

Kverneland i-Plough concept

The i-Plough concept, in other words, intelligent ploughs, refers to the newly born Kv 2500 mounted reversible plough.

The adjustments can be pre-set according to soil conditions or tractor requirements. Hence changing tractors or ploughing in different soil conditions are easily carried out via finger tips.

Kv 2500 serie

The Kv 2500 i-plough is the Premium plough of the Kv 2500 serie. Each Kv 2500 plough benefits from mechanical design innovations which also help ploughmen reach the perfect furrow thanks to easy plough settings. More than 10 innovations have been patented or are Patent pending :

  • transport solution for extra safety and comfort (“trailer concept”) ie Video 2

  • quick & easy central adjustment of skimmers

  • higher and aero profile legs to prevent possible blockage

  • possible conversion of shearbolt to Auto-reset legs

  • hinged headstock for no top-link uncoupling

  • new wheels to plough close to obstacles

  • easy add on leaf springs for auto-reset legs

  • ...

The Kv 2500 i-Plough is an important milestone in Ploughing. Kverneland renews with its long tradition as a Trend Setter.

Source: Kverneland AS