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Kverneland Introduces New Features on the iXdrive Self-Propelled Sprayer Range

See, Feel and Drive


Kverneland is introducing new features on the iXdrive self-propelled sprayer range to focus on operator convenience and cost savings for the farmer or contractor.

High Performance EcoDrive System

The new EcoDrive transmission system is boosting driving performance. The combination of newly designed wheel motors and smart motor management increases drive line power, but reduces fuel consumption at the same time. The variable displacement motors have now 26 pistons for a more homogenous oil flow, with the result of less pressure drop and continuous power transfer. With automatic switched displacement steps, the 3 gear modes in the wheel motor keep the oil pump in its optimal range and increases the efficiency of the drive line. Because there is no additional gearbox needed, the wheel motors are very compact and transmission loss and heat production are limited. Compared to an axial piston motor with gearbox the high performance wheel motors increase efficiency from 15% in the field to 36% in transport situations.

By using the EcoDrive transmission management system the engine RPM of the iXdrive will be increased or decreased until the required horse power is reached. At the same time the volume of the pump will be increased or decreased to keep the desired driving speed. This is of course dependent of the driving situation. The EcoDrive system guarantees reduced fuel consumption. This means savings up to 15% in fuel and at the same time less impact on the environment. It is a fully automatic driving system, so the operator can focus on the road situation or the spraying job.

In transport mode the drive line is simply steered by the foot pedal to adjust speed and engine RPM. As EcoDrive is reducing the engine RPM automatically the noise level of the motor is strongly reduced as well, beneficial for both operator and environment.

Boom Guide ProActive for a Perfect Balancing System

The unique Boom Guide sensor technology provides perfect guidance in many different and challenging field conditions, making it easier for the operator to stay focussed on spraying. Boom Guide ProActive has additional roll sensors compared to Boom Guide Pro. The system proactively reacts on boom movement and controls both the central and independent slope corrections, as well as boom lift functions to guide the boom over the crop canopy, soil surface or a combination of both modes.

Unique Safety Break Away Device

“We have developed an unique safety break away system for the Kverneland HSS (32-40 metres) spray boom range” says Piet Jan van der Marel, R&D Manager Crop Care. “A hydraulic cylinder between the first and second boom part ensures that the second boom part folds away when the spray booms hits an obstacle in the field like a tree or electricity pole. Where the Boom Guide ProActive secures boom heights, boosts driving speeds, but also reduces operator attention sometimes, you can think of situations where obstacles may interfere the spray boom. Therefore with the hydraulic break away damage to the complete boom is avoided.” 

Source: Kverneland Group