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Large, touch-screen C3000 terminal valued at over EU 3000 included free in new Massey Ferguson Auto-Guide 3000 factory-fitted option

Massey Ferguson is pleased to announce that its powerful C3000 large colour, touch-screen terminal will be supplied and installed free of charge in the new factory-fitted, centimetre-accurate Auto-Guide 3000 Technology Package option ordered by 31st December 2016.


“We appreciate customers in all farming sectors are currently facing some serious economic challenges. By supplying this advanced terminal free of charge, we hope it will encourage more farmers and contractors to take advantage of the considerable savings and efficiency that come from employing technology such as automatic steering,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services.

This offer applies to all Massey Ferguson tractors from the MF 5700SL upwards, also including the new MF 6700S, MF 7700 and MF 8700 ranges. The C3000 terminal will be fitted at no cost on tractors specified with the factory-fitted Technology Package, in markets where this is available.

“The new factory-fit installation makes it much easier for customers and dealers to now order the Technology Package, which includes Auto-Guide 3000 with RTK capabilities, with the tractor coming direct from the factory fully equipped with all the necessary hardware,” adds Mr Scott. “Now this will also include the C3000 terminal at no extra cost.”

C3000 terminal features:

  • 12.1in colour, touch-screen with unique ability to show three split screens and dashboard

  • Compatible with a wide range of correction signals including RTK networks

  • Auto-Section control

  • Variable rate control for sprays, fertiliser and seed

  • Coverage logging and mapping, exportable as as-applied maps with ‘flags’

  • Job reports downloaded in convenient ‘PDF’ file format

  • Ability to import prescription maps and jobs in ‘shape’ and ‘ISO XML’ formats

  • Auto field recognition for quick and simple identification and loading jobs

  • Calculates and displays covered and remaining areas

The C3000’s 12.1in (30cm) colour, touch-screen display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The terminal offers the unique facility for operators to split this into three small screens to monitor different tasks or operations. Operators can also customise what is displayed on a smaller, on-screen dashboard.

Auto-Guide 3000 can utilise RTK signals from various sources, including radio or mobile ‘phone SIM cards. This delivers excellent, positioning information for automatic steering with centimetre pass to pass accuracy and year to year repeatability.

Auto-Guide 3000 features:

  • Automatic steering cuts overlaps and misses saving time and money

  • Choice of correction signal – to centimetre accuracy with RTK

  • Fast set-up with ‘Go-Mode’ is easy to use

  • Choice of four steering paths

Complete precision farming package

The single, premium C3000 multi-function terminal is a complete precision farming package. It not only runs Massey Ferguson’s Auto-Guide 3000 automatic precision steering sytem, but will also control ISOBUS compatible implements. It also provides automatic rate control for sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and drills, along with auto-section shut-off and variable rate applications.

The terminal can import and record data from Shape/ISO XML files and export job records from PDF files. For simple field documentation, the mapping facility provides automatic field recognition and will record field boundaries and sizes, including the covered application taking into account sections being turned on and off. The system can also automatically start/stop applications on headland boundaries.

The C3000 terminal can also be transferred between other Massey Ferguson Auto-Guide ready tractors.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson