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Leader PF Plus, even more advanced

The Leader PF Plus series of self-propelled or fixed mixer wagons is the most complete and advanced range of machines for preparing unifeed livestock rations marketed by Faresin Industries. The current market version has shown that it is possible to almost halve the mixing times required to achieve homogeneity of rations. For EIMA 2018, the series has been scaled up by important technical advances.

PF concept, advanced frame and mixing box


The frame on which the mixing box rests has been shortened without altering the volume. This solution means that the machine is much easier to turn in narrow spaces in the sheds. An exclusive product by Faresin Industries, the four-wheel drive system offers greater manoeuvrability, especially on uneven ground, superior side stability compared to other fixed wheel or three-wheel solutions.

The experience acquired and feedback from customers has led to additional improvement in the lower mixing box profile which further optimises the feed input, making cutting and mixing faster. The augers have been redesigned to speed up the homogenisation of the ingredients. The benefit for the livestock farmer is the reduction in the time required to prepare the unifeed, thus resulting in lower fuel consumption. The Plus in the machine name can be attributed to these additional improvements. Whilst upgrading the chassis, the company has also taken the opportunity to modify the bumpers which are now width-adjustable.

The mixing box cover system will be revealed for the very first time; a solution which solves the need to load and mix without exposing the ingredients to the elements and significantly reducing the amount of dust generated during the loading phase. The cover consists of a protective housing that allows loading via the loading chute and a smaller side door for loading other ingredients directly into the box.

Feed chute and new mill


The loading and mixing system of the Leader PF Plus series has been well-received due to its ability to produce a homogeneous unifeed and uniform product distribution, in a variety of settings. This is made possible by the longest and widest loading chute on the market; a solution that can halve loading times.

An efficient milling cutter has been inserted into the loading chute to cut the hay and straw before loading it in the mixing box. This accessory further halves the mixing times in the box for the homogenisation of the ingredients with a 50% reduction in consumption. An optional dust reduction system or anti-fermentation solution distribution system, with a liquid tank placed in the middle of the machine, is also available in combination with the mill.

Source: Faresin Industries S.p.A.