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LECTURA and KPMG introduce: EaaS Customer Insights

EaaS Customer Insights by LECTURA and KMPG
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EaaS Customer Insights by LECTURA and KMPG

IMAGE SOURCE: KPMG International Limited

We are proud to announce that we have finally launched our study focused on Equipment as a Service, for which we collaborated with KPMG.

The study is entitled EaaS Customer Insights and, as the title suggests, provides an insight into EaaS with pay-per-use (subscription) model as a new and alternate payment option.

Our survey ran on LECTURA Specs for 5 weeks and we managed to collect about 20,000 answers. Thousands of companies from the heavy machinery sector stated their opinion on such financing solution.

The full study is available for download on the KMPG website. Continue reading and explore what 10,000+ machine owners told us about EaaS!

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH

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