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LECTURA announces a partnership with WEST AUTO HUB

LECTURA and WAH launched the Ukrainian version of LECTURA Specs
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LECTURA and WAH launched the Ukrainian version of LECTURA Specs


A new partnership has been agreed on between LECTURA and Ukrainian company WEST AUTO HUB (WAH). As a result of this cooperation, LECTURA launched a Ukrainian language version of its ultimate buyers’ guide LECTURA Specs in November 2020.


WAH offers all services for import in one hub for all kinds of vehicles from abroad to Ukraine. Speaking in numbers, WAH bought 4995 units of vehicles and machinery from abroad and delivered 1199 units from January 1 through November 30, 2020 which equals 6.2% Ukrainian market share.

"LECTURA is currently seeing more than 700,000 professionals looking for machinery every month on LECTURA Specs. Helping them to get the information they need is our main target. With WEST AUTO HUB we can go even further. Now LECTURA and WEST AUTO HUB can serve buyers with finding the right type of machinery, validating buyers and taking care of the whole process after this stage until the machine has arrived at the new machine owner. We appreciate WEST AUTO HUB for their professionality, transparency and complexity of services. WAH is not just “another import/export company”, but an expert in customs clearance processes, cooperating with DAT and LECTURA to deliver value expertise to the customs office of Ukraine." states Petr Thiel, CEO LECTURA.

"A potential customer can find any information and specifications for any machinery he or she is interested in on the LECTURA Specs platform and choose a model. WEST AUTO HUB can purchase this item, deliver it to Ukraine and arrange customs clearance procedure." says Julia Rykovska, CEO WEST AUTO HUB.

Consequently, WAH is able to serve as mediator between a machinery seller from abroad and a customer (buyer) in Ukraine. Experts agree that Ukraine yields a huge economical potential that should go hand in hand with the development of its agricultural and construction industry. Not for nothing is Ukraine called the Granary of Europe due to large amounts of fertile black soil. Nevertheless, approximately a half of its area is currently not being used.

Now Ukraine is developing rapidly - new facilities are being built every day, so the country needs construction equipment.

The future development, however, is not possible without appropriate heavy machinery equipment and that is why a partnership between LECTURA and WEST AUTO HUB is of international importance.

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