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LECTURA experienced a rapid online traffic growth in 2020

LECTURA 2020 infographics
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LECTURA 2020 infographics


The last year has been undoubtedly unforgettable. The whole world experienced a situation that has never historically been recorded before. The pandemic caused a global lockdown and government restrictions that more or less lasted the whole year and limited various fields of business throughout the world. The heavy machinery industry was not an exception.

On the other hand, the travel bans, event cancelations and gathering restrictions contributed to a swift development of digital tools and solutions. Many companies and users were forced to transfer their businesses at least partially online. We experienced a rapid traffic growth on both online portals, LECTURA Specs and LECTURA Press. Millions of professionals visited our ultimate buyers guide in order to research construction, agricultural, material handling, transportation, and other heavy machinery equipment. More precisely, a professional user sources data from LECTURA every 3.5 seconds!

We also introduced new digital services in 2020 such as a bilingual construction e-magazine DigiMessenger or a survey service providing complex reports consisting of opinions of our professional visitors. Please find below an overview of statistics from the LECTURA portals in 2020:

Sessions by device:

  • Desktop 50%

  • Mobile 46%

  • Tablet 4%

LECTURA in 2020 <br> Image source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH

What our team achieved in 2020:

  • 147,778 (+3,500)* models available on LECTURA Specs

  • 2,444 English and 2,249 German articles published on LECTURA Press

  • 1,057,903 (+191,340) newsletters were sent to our subscribers

  • 4 issues of LECTURA DigiMessenger construction e-magazine

*The numbers in brackets indicate a comparison to 2019 data

What our audience achieved:

  • 18,782,290 (+10,527,921) pages were viewed by our audience in total

  • 11,546,854 (+ 5,554,780) machinery models checked by 6,263,886 (+2,992,528) professional visitors

  • 5,797,780 targetable visitors through our remarketing tools

  • 543,452 (+226,501) articles and reports read

  • 25,000+ readers per DigiMessenger issue

  • 500 replies to our surveys daily in 8 languages

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH

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