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LECTURA introduces FoxBase, a German digital solutions start-up

Benjamin Dammertz, Founder/CEO of FoxBase
FoxBase Europe
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Benjamin Dammertz, Founder/CEO of FoxBase


Get to know FoxBase via our interview with the company’s founder Benjamin Dammertz. We talk about the history of the start-up, the company’s solutions, range of customers, markets of interest and future plans.


L: When and by whom was your company founded and how did you come up with the idea?

BD: FoxBase is a software company from Düsseldorf, which was founded in 2016 by my co-founder Carsten Dolch and me, Benjamin Dammertz. We have both known each other since our school days and have remained in contact throughout the years since when I worked in strategic marketing for a large Swiss retailer and Carsten in IT consulting. In our day-to-day professional lives, we both faced the same problems: time-consuming purchasing processes and barely existing digital consulting. Big Data, AI and omni-channel commerce were supposed to simplify the purchasing process, but really good, digital consulting in a self-service approach simply wasn't happening yet. This is how the idea behind our software solution "Digital Product Selector" was born, and after a very short time we were already in contact with Henkel, our first customer.

Carsten Dolch and Benjamin Dammertz, founders of Foxbase<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FoxBase

L: What problem(s) is your tool/product solving? Can you identify the range of your customers?

BD: We pursue the goal of helping people make better use of their time through digitization. The software platform as it exists today enables knowledge-based sales processes to be digitized and made scalable with the help of artificial intelligence. Sales efficiency will be increased enormously and the sales process radically accelerated by for example automating repetitive tasks and digitally providing the customer with the right product and all relevant information in the shortest possible time, just like in a good consultation. Our solution is able to flexibly implement the very complex requirements of B2B companies and is primarily used in the construction industry by companies such as Knauf, Triflex or PCI Augsburg, but also by companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical and electrical industries as well as by service providers from the telecommunications sector.

L: What markets/regions do you focus on and where would you like to expand?

BD: Our sales focus is currently on Germany and the B2B sector with the industries mentioned above. But we have also numerous customers who are represented internationally and use our software in many, different countries. Since 2022, FoxBase has been one of 13 startups selected for the Scale-up.NRW funding program, which provides us with support towards international growth, which we are also aiming for in the medium term.

Source: FoxBase

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