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LECTURA is stepping into a new chapter: Interview with Iva Thiel, CEO

LECTURA GmbH International
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LECTURA recently embraced a new corporate identity. To find out how and, most importantly, why it happened, we asked its CEO, Iva Thiel, to explain in detail what lies behind the decision to rebrand the company and how did the Marketing team handle the challenging mission of creating a new corporate image that would reflect the great progress that has been achieved over the past 5 years.



What does LECTURA mean to you personally and what kept you motivated to sustain and develop its activity for so many years?

Iva Thiel: I have a special relationship with this company - LECTURA is my challenge and my purpose in life. Managing the company was a long-distance race (in sports terminology), which meant endurance and assertiveness. The successes and the team have always motivated me, even if there were setbacks.

What are the moments that you are most proud of from the company’s evolution throughout the years?

Iva Thiel: Over the past almost 30 years there have been countless moments that I look back on with great fondness; but it's not the individual moments, but the fact that LECTURA is always the center of attention and has grown steadily. I remember very well when we celebrated 100,000 visitors a month and nowadays, we're celebrating over 1 million. Of course, personal encounters are also formative - I like to think of our celebration of the 25th anniversary or our delegation trips to China and the USA, which the participants still fondly remember today.

What was the reason behind the decision to rebrand the company?

Iva Thiel: This is a logical consequence when you look at the large number of services that have been added in recent years. In the past, LECTURA was only associated with valuation of used machines. Nowadays, however, LECTURA is an important platform for pricing as well as for data, news and much more. The rebranding process adapts to present times and our development. It is crucial to make the right decision at the right time - and we have done that.

The digitization of society and also in our industry has taken its course. Some are faster, others are still looking for the way. We want to become even more successful with the help of digitization and human intellect and have a lot of joy and fun with our friends.

What is the message that you want to send to LECTURA’s actual and future clients and partners?

Iva Thiel: All processes and all work yield much more if values such as reliability and honesty.... can be relied on. In today's fast-paced world, time is in short supply - and this is where I see our most important task: to give our customers and partners more time through our products and services. The Roman philosopher Seneca already formulated our goal very succinctly: “It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much".

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