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LECTURA Press overview for 2015

LECTURA Press published over 15,100 articles in 2015, and in 8 languages!


That means 1,200 different new stories read more than 20.000 times every month!

Our sponsors have been a big part of our growth this year and thanks to them we are able to offer LECTURA Press to everyone.

Namely: AgritechnicaBicesIronPlanetMosolfNetBidTrade MachinesTVH.

People from all over the world rely on our page to keep them informed. English, German and French have been the most popular languages among our readers, but we offer content in 5 other languages to reach as many people as possible.

The bulk of our information is drawn from four sectors. But of course, not only do these areas overlap one another, but these dominant sectors are also supported by smaller complementary fields. This combination of content ensures that you get the most comprehensive news overview out there.

The agriculture sector appears to be the strongest. This is mainly thanks to the Agritechnica 2015 channel. Channels are certain feeds dedicated to a particular event and contain news related to it. Agritechnica 2015 was the most successful channel in 2015 with 1,600 collected press releases read over 20,600 times.

Nevertheless, the most popular article was not an agricultural one.

These are the TOP 5 most read news posts in the second half of 2015 in English.

  1. For more efficiency on the job site: the new excavators from Wacker Neuson

  2. The Fendt 1000 Vario. A revolutionary standard tractor.

  3. Valtra launches brand new N Series

  4. New Sandvik DT922i – the ultimate all-round tunneling jumbo

  5. RoGator 600D with new Vision Cab from AGCO

It’s good to know that:

- News mentioned in our newsletter receives three times as much exposure. The weekly newsletter is distributed to 15,000 subscribers.

- Videos linked with articles are watched by 89% of our readers. That equates to around 18,000 video views per month.


Furthermore, LECTURA Specs is an on-line portal where you can also read news from LECTURA Press.

LECTURA Specs is a buyer’s guide and free database of machinery specifications. Analyses from Spring 2015 show that 35% of our 70,000 monthly visitors are seriously interested in purchasing machinery.

The language range is similar to the Press portal and Specs is also planning to expand into Polish and Dutch in 2016.


The data from Specs differs greatly from Press not only in the selection of more central categories, but also in visitor preferences. Here Construction Machinery is the leader, followed by Forklift, and Agriculture.


LECTURA is growing and improving every day to provide you with current, reliable news and data.

Follow us in 2016 to stay informed. Because … It’s good to know!

* data collected from 1.7.2015 – 1.12.2015

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH, Petra Konheiser

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