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Liebherr presents the new industrial telescopic handlers T 46-7s, T 55-7s, T 60-9s at the SaMoTer

  • Lifting heights of 7 m and 9 m and lift capacities of 4.6 to 6 tonnes

  • Comfort cab for perfect all-round view and increased productivity

  • Electronically regulated high-performance working hydraulics allow simultaneous work movements and precise load positioning

  • Machine hitches from various manufacturers make it easier to use existing tool attachments

Liebherr presents the new industrial telescopic handlers at the SaMoTer. There will be a total of three new telescopic handlers for industrial applications. These machines are driven by a powerful diesel engine of emissions level IV (T 46-7s 100 kW/136 hp, T 55-7s 115 kW/156 hp, T 60- 9s 115 kW/156 hp).


Exhaust gas aftertreatment is performed with a combination of diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Diesel particulate filters are available for all models (standard on T 55-7s and T 60-9s). Liebherr also offers the telescopic handlers with emissions level IIIA for operations in countries with different emissions regulations.

Impressive in every dimension

The particularly efficient hydrostatic travel drive allows an actual maximum speed of 40 km/h. Alternatively, the machines are available as 20 km/h and 30 km/h speed variants. The travel speed is freely regulated and with the optional Auto-Power function it is not dependent on the power currently required in the working hydraulics. The engine speed is automatically increased according to requirements (joystick deflection), regardless of the travel speed.

The standard Hill Assist system, which automatically activates the parking brake, ensures maximum driving comfort and safety when travelling over uneven ground.

The installed high-performance working hydraulics are electronically piloted and the load-independent flow distribution allows powerful simultaneous work movements with sufficient power reserves.

New space for comfort and safety

A special highlight of the models presented is the new operator's cab. The standard rollover protection no longer requires an overhead cross beam. The cab's protective grille is now attached on the outside and allows an unprecedented view upwards. When manoeuvring in tight spaces, the low telescopic attachment point and the generously sized cab glazing provide a perfect view of the tyres, tool attachments and load.

The resonant multifunction joystick is fitted on the seat and controls up to six functions for driving and operating the hydraulic functions. As on all Liebherr "S" telescopic handlers, steering mode is selected electronically. The wheel positions do not have to be manually synchronised.

Important machine parameters and other useful information are displayed on the large TFT colour monitor. The unambiguous colour coding for drive, working hydraulics, safety and lighting switches allow intuitive operation.

The cab is mounted on floating bearings which absorb bumps and impacts. A substantially larger interior, generously sized storage areas, a cooled storage compartment, radio and integrated USB charging ports round off the comfort features in the cab.

Telescopic handlers developed for extreme operations

The boom guide prevents the telescopic boom from bending in heavy-duty industrial operations. An optional wiping tool ensures that any material sticking to the boom does not penetrate the boom after the load has been picked up. 

Underbody protection and special protective grids reduce the risk of foreign objects getting into the machine.

The all-wheel drive and 100% locking differential ensure safe driving when transporting material off-road. When lifting and stacking goods, Liebherr machines benefit from their high structural stability, while their levelling system compensates for slopes. Furthermore, the intelligent overload warning system always informs the operator about the current load situation. In hazardous situations, only stabilising movements of the working hydraulics are possible.

Different machine hitches are offered ex-works for all models in the new generation of telescopic handlers. In addition to the Liebherr quick coupler, quick couplers which are compatible with the machine hitches are also available from the manufacturers Manitou, Kramer, JCB and Volvo. The availability of different machine hitches means that existing customers of other manufacturers can also use their existing tool attachments on the Liebherr telescopic handlers.

A wide range of additional options allows the new telescopic handlers to be configured for specific applications. For instance, Liebherr offers its customers ex-works a reversible fan for cleaning the radiator and additional safety guards or covers for the travel drive and main frame. Automatic pressure relief for the working hydraulics in order to make replacing tool attachments simple, an additional hydraulic circuit for actuating further functions on the boom head and a separate control option for the hydraulic oil flow rate in the working hydraulics are also offered.

Source: Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH

Liebherr T 46-7 S on LECTURA Specs
Liebherr T 55-7 S on LECTURA Specs
Liebherr T 60-9 S on LECTURA Specs