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Linde presents newly developed optical warning system



The Linde BlueSpot has set safety standards worldwide. Now Linde Material Handling has refined this optical warning system and is presenting the Linde TruckSpot. Projecting a red warning triangle onto the floor, the system indicates that an industrial truck is approaching – and this effectively mitigates dangerous situations.

In road traffic, they warn of dangerous corners, confusing junctions, accidents, steep slopes and much more: Red warning triangles on a white background are understood as a hazard warning the world over. Linde Material Handling has now developed an optical warning system for industrial trucks that makes use of this intuitive perception. The large projection of the Linde TruckSpot combines the proven advantages of the BlueSpot with an even stronger warning effect – true to Linde’s claim to constantly scrutinize and continuously improve already existing solutions.

Using LED technology, the TruckSpot generates a 1.25-meter sized bright warning symbol. This appears on the floor at a distance of about four meters behind the vehicle, or optionally only when reversing. Pedestrians and other truck drivers can clearly see from the image of a triangle containing a forklift symbol that a vehicle is approaching – and instinctively move back.

“We wanted to develop a clear and self-explanatory warning symbol,” says Michael Fuchs, Product Manager Retrofit Solutions at Linde Material Handling. This had also been a clear customer request. The Linde TruckSpot enormously increases the safety of everyone involved, especially in heavily frequented warehouse or production areas and at confusing junctions. The importance of such warning systems cannot be overestimated. According to statistics from the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association, BGHW, 65 percent of all accidents involving forklift trucks happen when they cross paths with people or obstacles.

Another advantage of the TruckSpot: As with the Linde BlueSpot, logistics staff are not distracted by annoying acoustic signals. “Our globally unique solution is also ideal for noisy working environments where employees could easily miss such audible alerts,” emphasizes Fuchs. Thanks to the sophisticated lighting technology, Linde TruckSpot does not have any dazzling effects. The Linde solution is available ex works but can also be easily retrofitted. If required, the Linde TruckSpot can even be combined with the Linde BlueSpot. “In this case, the BlueSpot warns when the truck moves forward and the TruckSpot comes into play during reversing,” explains Fuchs.

The TruckSpot is one of a range of many safety features which have become almost a standard in the industrial truck sector. Assistance systems such as the Linde Load Management, Safety Pilot and Dynamic Mast Control have also set new standards. As Product Manager Fuchs emphasizes: “Each of these innovations follows our holistic safety concept ‘Vision Zero – Safety in your world’, with which we have set ourselves the goal of reducing industrial accidents in goods handling to zero.”

Source: Linde Material Handling GmbH