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LiuGong Opened its 13th Overseas Subsidiary in Indonesia, Reinforce its Presence in Asia Pacific Region

 LiuGong announces the opening of a new subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia today. The celebration event takes place at JI Expo with more than 400 participants including LiuGong customers, dealers, senior management and local dignitaries.


LiuGong is one of the first Chinese construction machinery manufacturers to go abroad. Since 2003, LiuGong has established an expansive business network to support its customers and equipment all over the world, with more than 300 distributors covering more than 100 countries and regions, ensuring all LiuGong equipment can get professional and timely service no matter where it is. At the same time, in order to support LiuGong's global customers and distributors, LiuGong has set up 13 subsidiaries overseas, respectively located in South Africa, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, India, Poland, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, as well as the newly established Indonesian subsidiary. All in conjunction with nine parts distributor centers, forming a strategic layout to support our dealers and customers.

During the event, Mr. Randi Anwar from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), and Ms. Zhang Li from Chinese Embassy attended the celebration. Mr. Anwar addressed: “This investment not only shows LiuGong is a responsible company who strives to fulfill its commitment to the customers, but also demonstrates a positive China image and contributes to the friendship of China and Indonesia. We also hope, with the development of ‘OBOR’ initiative, more and more Chinese enterprises will come here and achieve their own success like LiuGong.”

Since 2003, LiuGong has been busy in the Indonesian market, developing new products and technologies that meet with extreme and complex needs of the environment and improving its service capability to ensure the efficient operation of LiuGong equipment. With the joint efforts of LiuGong and local dealers, our brand is recognized by customers and market share has been steadily increasing. It is now time for us to move forward.

At the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and an important spot along “Marine Silk Route”, Indonesia has a unique geographical position. It is also the largest country in the Asia Pacific region in terms of population and economic volume with huge market potentials in infrastructure, forestry and mining. The domestic GDP has a 5% increase rate since 2016, attracting more and more overseas capital to invest here. LiuGong has always regarded Indonesia as one of its strategic markets, which is not only crucial to our success in the Asia Pacific region, but also of strategic significance to our global ambitions. Thanks to LiuGong's global layout, LiuGong has been deeply involved in local construction projects such as the Jakarta-Bandung Highspeed railways, which is also an “OBOR” project, Medan Thermal Power Station project and so on.

"Today, the establishment of PT LiuGong Machinery Indonesia is undoubtedly an important milestone for LiuGong's overseas development. This will open a new chapter for LiuGong's local development. Our vision in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region is strong and clear. We are going to train and build a localized team and eventually form a new overseas center with R&D, manufacturing and post market capabilities in Indonesia. We are going to constantly improve the product support in both service and spare parts. Lastly, we are going to work closely with our partners and dealers, together we are going to provide customers with more comprehensive solutions to ensure the success of their business. " stated Mr. Chen Hao, President of LiuGong Asia Pacific. At the same time, he said localization, customer orientation and total solutions would be our approaches to realize this vision.

The office will focus on sales, customer support, spare parts service and marketing in Indonesia and Asia Pacific region. Mr. Luo Guobing, Vice President of LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "the opening of the Indonesian subsidiary shows our confidence in this market and reinforces our long-term commitment to our customers in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region. It will bring our customers better economic support, faster parts turnover, more professional services and more comprehensive solutions, and create greater value for our customers in the whole life cycle of the equipment." At the opening ceremony, LiuGong displayed 19 machines including customized equipment for mining and forestry.

LiuGong has developed 19 product lines that cover every aspect of constructions. From the polar region to the equator, from the desert to the rainforest, LiuGong’s equipment has withstood the test of various harsh environments. Strong and powerful, whilst it is easy to maintain, LiuGong equipment meets the needs of customers in Indonesia. Moreover, through working with excellent partners LiuGong strives to provide our customers with solutions that cover every part of the value chain throughout machine’s life cycle.

"LiuGong always listens to customers. Their opinions and suggestions are the foundation for our product design and development. This is how LiuGong meets the needs of our customers. LiuGong Indonesia will work hard for this goal as well." Luo said, "The establishment of PT LiuGong Machinery Indonesia makes us closer to the market. These in-depth understandings of customer needs will help our products and solutions be more suitable for the Indonesian market."

Source: Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd