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LiuGong Machines at BICES

LiuGong. Persistent and Innovative. A Global Perspective.

36 LiuGong Machines of LiuGong at BICES2019

LiuGong, a world-leading engineering machinery equipment manufacturer, participated in the 15th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES 2019), with 36 machines on Sept 3-7, 2019. The exhibition displayed the most complete lineup of LiuGong products in recent years, including loaders, excavators, forklifts, cranes, pavement construction machinery, aerial work platforms, reach stackers, bulldozers and mining machinery, as well as piling machinery of Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

With its booth covering 4,759 m2, LiuGong showcased a total of 36 machines in 13 categories. The booth had multiple sections: The construction section includes the mining area and road construction area, and the functional layout section includes the equipment demo area, spare parts area, gift shop area, intelligent app area, Sichuan-Tibet Railway area, all-in-one solution area and remote-control experience area.

LiuGong booth at BICES

By highlighting new technologies, intelligence, environmental friendliness (electrification and China IV emission standard) and innovation in its exhibits, LiuGong not only launched its first pure electric loader 856H-EV, two pure electric excavators 906E-EV and 922F-EV, and the 5G remotely controlled intelligent loader 856H, its first D-series bulldozer 170D developed jointly by renowned experts from China, Poland and the United Kingdom based on Poland Dressta TD15 and LiuGong B160 models, as well as the motor grader 4180D, a Red Dot Design Award winner in 2019, but also released its new F-series excavators including 9018F, 9025F, 906F and 922F. Both domestic and foreign customers enjoyed a visual feast provided by the large array of products.

LiuGong booth at BICES 2019


"LiuGong. Persistent and Innovative." is the theme for this year's exhibition. It demonstrates the company's fortitude and courage to face challenges, which are not only embodied by its staff members, but also in its product technologies and R&D. It is such a spirit that motivates LiuGong to grow from a small company in southwest China to a big player in the construction machinery industry at home and abroad.

With high-end areas becoming the focus in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has seen much more opportunities and challenges brought by the continuous market expansion, and will witness fierce competition in the next few years. In the face of the complicated and changing industrial landscape, LiuGong will place a premium on new product investment and R&D, respond to the real needs of customers and the market, so as to stay innovative-driven and build its core competitiveness by pursuing a spirit of craftsmanship and being devoted to product research. To gain an upper hand in the complicated global market, LiuGong will actively expand the overseas market and explore the local businesses while leveraging its precise positioning and market strategies and efficient execution. LiuGong is growing in steady strides in the Chinese and global construction machinery industry.

LiuGong show at BICES


The exhibition offers an opportunity for LiuGong to showcase a wide range of new technologies and products, including its newly developed pure electrical equipment, creating for customers a more powerful, faster, more precise, more efficient new energy ecosystem with higher comprehensive cost effectiveness. LiuGong is the first manufacturer in China to integrate the full package of 5G intelligent remote control technologies for excavators for machinery equipment, control system and communication system, enabling operators to run and manage equipment as far as 2,000 km away with ease and efficiency. The unmanned remote control technologies of LiuGong are at the forefront of the internet world, marking another step forward in its All Intelligence campaign. The debut of LiuGong's new-generation F-series excavators further represents LiuGong's brand new excavating technologies. Compared with its predecessors, the F series feature a wider diversity of models, smarter operations, low oil consumption, and higher construction efficiency and higher reliability. Innovation, intelligence, environment friendliness, and high-end technologies are all future focuses and power sources of LiuGong's future development. It is believed that these technologies and products will lay a solider foundation for customers to achieve their own success.

LiuGong at BICES

By keeping a steady pace in the long race, LiuGong will grasp the market needs with an enterprising, courageous attitude towards challenges, further grow and boost various businesses through exploration and innovation, so as to shine more brightly on the global stage as an outstanding Chinese brand.

Welcome to visit LiuGong booth at N111 and N123.

Source: LiuGong Machinery Corporation