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Lonking warehousing forklifts to set its sail and open a new journey

The first stage of warehousing forklifts sales training to sales managers on the first-line in the area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and shanghai was successfully held by Lonking Forklift Co., Ltd on 13thAugust 2016, starting a national-level new journey about Lonking warehousing forklifts training. All Lonking forklift dealers positively responded to the call and sent nearly hundreds of sales elites on the first-line to participate in the training. Mr. Xie Yinghua as the Marketing Director for Forklift and Road Machinery of Lonking Holdings Limited and Mr. Liu Kaideng as the vice general manager of Lonking(Shanghai) Forklifts Co., Ltd attended the opening ceremony. 

Mr. Xie as the keynote speaker in the opening ceremony analyzed the situation of industry development and sales situation of Lonking forklifts in 2016 and particularly emphasized on rapid development of warehousing forklifts in recent years to bring Lonking new opportunities. All employees have improved the recognition of warehousing forklifts and will contribute to its development. 

And then project director of Lonking warehousing forklifts began the training and the trainer explained two series of Lonking warehousing forklifts and exchanged with trainees in detail and in-depth against actual cases that happened on daily sales. The first stage of warehousing forklifts training achieved complete success and Lonking Forklifts Company will organize warehousing forklifts training in other areas to lay a solid foundation for the development of Lonking warehousing forklifts sales business.