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Lovol Heavy Industry Is Awarded the Honorary Title of “China Export Leading Indicator Sample Enterprise”

Recently, entrusted by the General Administration of Customs, Weifang Customs awarded the plaque of “China Export Leading Indicator Sample Enterprise” to Lovol Heavy Industry. The title of“China Export Leading Indicator Sample Enterprise” represents the recognition of the General Administration of Customs to the export & import business of Lovol and its position in export in the industry.
It’s known that since 2012, the General Administration of Customs began to formally formulate and publicize the “China Export Leading Indicator”. China Export Leading Indicator (ELI) is a monthly comprehensive indicator which integrates micro-data indicators including “New Export Order Indicator”, “Export Manager Confidence Indicator” and “Export Enterprise Comprehensive Cost Fluctuation Indicator” for predicating the export tendency of China in the coming 2-3 months.


The General Administration of Customs adjusts sample enterprises every two years. Now, the General Administration of Customs has adjusted and publicized the new group of ELI sample enterprises. 2,702 export enterprises are selected from hundreds of thousands of foreign trade enterprises in China as the ELI sample enterprises for 2016-2018, among which 190 enterprises come from Shandong. After being awarded the honorary title of “ELI Sample Enterprise”, Lovol Heavy Industry can access the latest information on foreign trade in time and enjoy a series of incentive measures from the Customs, which present a better opportunity for foreign trade development of the company.

Since exporting the first set of its products in 2005, Lovol Heavy Industry has totally sold 160,000 sets of machines and established a global service network system which integrates “sale, service, parts supply, user training and information feedback”by more than 380 sales providers in 120 countries and regions. In 2016, the brand value of Lovol even reached RMB 40.518 billion and became one of the fastest growing brands in the industry.

In recent years, based on the unique development mode of “Global R&D, Made in China and Global Distribution”, Lovol Heavy Industry has facilitated enterprise transformation and upgrade by accelerating the integration of global resources, constructinga global R&D system, acquiring overseas high-quality and high-end resources as well as establishing a series of strategic layouts like ARBOS Europe. On September 15, 2015, Lovol Heavy Industry incorporated Lovol ARBOS Europe Company in Europe. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lovol Heavy Industry in Europe, Lovol ARBOS Europe has integrated European R&D centers of Lovol and completed the merger and acquisition of three high-end agricultural machine brands- “ARBOS”, “MaterMacc” and “Goldoni”. It has initially become a R&D, procurement, manufacturing and marketing base and operating management center of high-end agricultural equipment for European and American markets with operating capability of whole value chain including R&D, manufacturing and marketing. The international strategy of Lovol Heavy Industry has formally entered into the operating stage of overseas localization and become an important support for Lovol Heavy Industry to expand global market.

Through global strategic layout and resources integration, Lovol Heavy Industry facilitated its progress to mid and high-end section of global value chain and is getting closer to its target as a global leading brand of off-road mobile machinery.