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Lovol Loaders Help Construction of Angola’s Longest Railway

In the night of February 14, the Benguela Railway, the Angola’s longest railway contracted by a Chinese enterprise, was officially completed for operations, which is the longest overseas railway built by a Chinese enterprise following the construction aid project of Tanzania-Zambia railway. During the construction of this railway, the Lovol loaders played a significant role in heavy-duty operations, including swamp landfill, roadbed reinforcement, and handling of earthworks, logs, and sleepers, and became the main force for the railway construction.


The responsible person in charge from this Chinese contracting enterprise said: “There were more than 80 Lovol loaders among the mechanical equipment for railway construction throughout 10 years in Angola. Based on the operation performances, Lovol loaders were second to none in terms of product reliability, operating efficiency, and fuel economy among the numerous brands and have reached or exceeded the international renowned brands in some indicators. Meanwhile, Foton Lovol Heavy Industry dispatched service personnel for follow-up services throughout the year and the after-services were well done so that we were well relieved during operations to achieve the on-time completion of the project. ”

According to the introduction of responsible person in charge from Foton Lovol Heavy Industry, Lovol loaders inherited the European advanced technologies, always valued product quality in the first place, and strived to realize the perfect matching between assorted resources and overall design of loader and achieve the best quality and reliability of the loaders. In addition, Lovol paid close attention to the users’ needs and product applicability and, based on the different characteristics (including working conditions and weather conditions) in different regions around the world, developed products suitable to local characteristics for better localization in the exploitation of overseas market. When being informed of the participation of Lovol loaders in the Angola's railway project, in response to the characteristics of many deserts and dry weather conditions within Angola, Foton Lovol Heavy Industry improved the air filter of the loaders to effectively enhance the air filtration efficiency, significantly reduce the earlier wear of engine, and promote the product applicability, which was highly appraised by the user.