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Lovol’s Overseas Business Score Another Great “Shot”

On December 4th, Lovol received another piece of good news about its overseas business. More than 60 agricultural machines and engineering machines, ordered by the Chinese government to be used as aid to Cook Islands, were shipped and dispatched smoothly. These complete machines were procured by the government as part of its aid to Cook Islands’ capital airport construction. It was Lovol’s another government machinery equipment procurement project with a relatively large amount in the Asia-Pacific region this year. 
The Chinese government’s foreign aid project is an important means of state diplomacy and foreign-trade promotion. Cook Islands, an island country situated in south Pacific, has developed a good relationship with China in recently years. In accordance with the China-Cook Islands Agreement on Economic and Technological Cooperation, China shall provide non-reimbursable assistance in building an International Airport in its capital, Avarua, and all the construction equipment shall come from China. In this October, finding out about the region’s environment and the machines’ main usage there, Lovol decided to use the “Three-Dimensional Combined Operating Mode” based on the combination of existing Lovol products and resources as its trump card in bidding for the project. At the bidding meeting, the company successfully introduced the Mode, in which excavator’s excavating work is a dominant part, loaders are responsible for transporting earthwork, and tractors are used in the effort to improve the environment. The Mode would maximally reduce the purchasing costs and expenses for utilization. It won high acclaims from the Cook Islands government and thus obtained the bid in one attempt. 
After securing the deal, Lovol swiftly got its strongest manufacturing force into action. By virtue of its powerful purchasing, producing and examining capacities, the company not only made sure its products’ quality was adequate, but also guaranteed the delivery cycle was not missed, thus making the foreign-aid program come off successfully. To get the machines adapted to the rainy and humid tropical rainforest climate of the country, Lovol adopted High-anticorrosion cathode electrophoresis and high-edge protection imported paint to give them an anti-corrosive treatment. Within one month after receiving the order, the company managed to finish the production, and transported them to Shanghai Port, where the delivery was made. Before that, a service team had been dispatched by Lovol to Cook Islands and arrived there on a date prior to the products’ arrival. The team helped to train relevant personnel for using the machines, and organized the building of a parts warehouse, thus resolving potential problems for the customer. 
As a qualified company that has successfully undertaken certain foreign-aid projects of the Chinese government, Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry has made constant breakthroughs regarding important government procurement projects and improved its own overall business operating capacity. Meanwhile, it has contributed not only to the foreign-aid work of the state, but to the good neighborly and friendly relations of China, thereby further improving China’s reputation in the international community.