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Lovol Tractors Contribute to the Production in Southeast Asian Sugarcane Fields in Busy Season

Sugarcane, one of the most important industrial crops in Southeast Asia, is now in its harvest season. Lovol tractors, which are favored by local sugarcane farmers, can be seen shuttling in fields to transport sugarcanes.


“We used to carry sugarcanes on our shoulders in harvest season, and got extremely tired after a day’s work. But now we have Lovol tractors which can help with tilling, soil preparation and transportation. They save us a lot of manual work and free us from heavy labor. When we purchase tractors, Lovol tractors have already become our first choice for their strong pulling power, high efficiency, low maintenance cost and perfect after-sales service!” said Pudila, one of the sugarcane farmers.

In order to support the production in sugarcane fields in the busy season, Lovol Heavy Industry has optimized the overall performance curve of the tractors for sugarcane fields, which realized the best balance between energy consumption and power output. With 40% power reserve, Lovol’s tractors enjoy obvious advantages in handling heavily hardened soil. What’s more, the speed ratio range was further expanded by applying synchronizer shuttle gearshift to enable operations like subsoiling, soil preparation, harvesting and transportation. In order to adapt to rugged roads and heavy load, Lovol Heavy Industry also specially developed tractors with enhanced hydraulic braking system, so that the performance of tractors in sugarcane fields can be further improved. The overall quality of Lovol tractor keeps improving thanks to the upgrading of a series of advanced technology.

In the harvest season, Lovol Heavy Industry has formulated a special service plan and sent a service team of skillful and experienced engineers to sugarcane fields in Southeast Asia. In light of the large area of fields and inconvenient transportation, the service team provided localized service to places within a radius of 50km to ensure 24-hour after-sales service and supply of spare parts. Their efforts have guaranteed the smooth going of sugarcane production in busy season and won acclaim from local customers.