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MachineryScanner presents new online reputation solutions

Stefano d'Alberti, Marketing Director of MachineryScanner, introduces the company and its future plans in an interview with LECTURA Press.

Where does MachineryScanner come from and what is it all about?


The idea of MachineryScanner was born because of the increasing scammers trend that we noticed in the past years in the industry, which we considered unacceptable. That is why we decided to solve the problem on our own.

We all know the importance of off-line reputation for any business, but not many people realize how important and how big can the impact of their online reputation be.

Companies in these industries do not pay much attention to this topic till they notice the pictures of their machines on some fake websites. Then they start to worry about their online reputation, and they start working with us to increase TRUST online.

In a few words, MachineryScanner builds more TRUST & TRANSPARENCY between companies and buyers.

How exactly can your ranking platform revolutionize these industries?

Up till now, buyers of used equipment were facing the problem of:

 “How to check if a dealer found online is a trustworthy one?”

Before MachineryScanner, they could just ask around for advice, which is the same as buying from someone they do not know. They should be brave enough.

After this, customers usually face what we call “the second problem”:

How to know if the machine is a good one?”

To solve this problem, they have to travel with a technician and inspect the machine or find a local technician who speaks their language.

If it is all good so far, the buyer faces the third problem:

“How to organize the shipment of the machine?”

To solve this issue formerly they had to call around trying to organize the shipment.

MachineryScanner changes it all, as people can visit our website and read customers’ reviews, find certified dealers, and in a few clicks request an inspection and shipment wherever the machine is located. 

Our services changed the way to do business in these industries, but what we are really proud of is the feedback received from one of our last customers. He explained to us over the phone that our services saved him a lot of time in travelling and now he feels happy, because he is able to spend more time with his wife and young daughter.

Are your reviews visible just on MachineryScanner?

Reading customers’ reviews on the MachineryScanner website gives you a clear picture about a company before buying, but actually you can find our reviews in a lot of different places.

MachineryScanner’s reviews follow dealers and companies wherever they are, ranging from their websites to listing portals specific to these sectors.

Furthermore, you can probably see our reviews in Google My Business as “Reviews from the Web” or on Social Media thanks to our sharing tools.

Do you provide any other service apart from the review system?

Customers’ Reviews are our core business, but we are proud to work around TRUST at 360 degrees. For this reason, we implemented several new features in MachineryScanner in the last months such as:

  • Certified Marks → this badge brings the TRUST a step forward, because these companies have been verified by us

  • Inspection Services → because inspecting the machines before buying is a must in the online transactions

  • Shipping Services → so you can relax, and your next piece of equipment will be delivered to you without any problem

MachineryScanner is growing rapidly in Europe. What are your plans for the future?

MachineryScanner is still pretty new company on the market, but this is not the case for the team behind it. Knowing exact customers’ needs is our hidden advantage.

Our company was born in Europe, Malta, and at first, we want to focus our attention on European countries even if we cannot hide the fact that the US and Chinese markets are already scheduled.

Would you like to eventually cover other specific market/industry with the ranking system such as the car industry?

MachineryScanner is a platform completely dedicated to the machinery and truck world. We focus on the industrial sectors such as the B2B markets.

In the future, we plan to cover other sectors such as the handling material, but there are no plans for the car industry at the moment.

Handy smartphone apps have been frequently used for business. Would you like to follow the trend and present your own app at some time?

This is a very good question. We can see this trend expanding among the listing portals such as Mascus, TractorPool, or MachineryTrader, but we are not a listing portal.

We are a complete solution to increase the trust online. Our website is fully responsive and also offers a great mobile experience. Big innovations will be announced in the next few months, starting with a new version of the MachineryScanner website.

To answer specifically to your question, we see an advantage in a MachineryScanner App in the future.

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Company overview

MachineryScanner is a small company headquartered in Msida, Malta. The company owns a web portal, which serves as a ranking platform helping to stabilize trust and transparency between companies from the machinery industry and their customers. The web portal offers various reviews, certified marks (badges – proofs of a good reputation), inspection services and shipping services. Moreover, the construction equipment, trucks & trailers, farm equipment and spare parts markets are covered.


Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder

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