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Made in Italy makes a come back in the mobile crane sector, thanks to the new Zoomlion manufacturing centre

Zoomlion mobile crane
Zoomlion Asia, Europe
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Zoomlion mobile crane

The three Zoomlion production lines dedicated to the European market all at GIS: forklifts, tower cranes and mobile cranes, the latter entirely designed and built in Italy.


Zoomlion participates in the Giornate Italiane del Sollevamento (GIS) trade fair event with its new range of specific products for the European market, at stand L30 - M25, outdoor area.

Three production lines: forklifts, tower cranes and mobile cranes. Mobile cranes are the most exiting innovation: entirely Made in Italy, marking a turning point in the sector which has made a come back as a player, complete with Italian production, after years of absence. The mobile crane ATC 960 is on display at the fair, 70 t class: three axles with con 48 m telematic boom. The 100 t ATC 1000 is not present at the fair but is available on the market, assembled on 4 axles with a 55 m telematic boom. These machines are designed and built in Italy, fitted with the best technological solutions and parts exclusively manufactured in Europe: Mercedes-Benz engine, ZF Taxon automatic transmission, Hydac suspension system, Kessler axles and Wabco brakes with ABS system.

A few forklift models will also be on display at the stand, representing the Zoomlion range for the logistics sector:

  • Counterbalanced 4-wheel 2-ton with Mitsubishi diesel engine and 4.8-meter triplex mast with free lift; - 2-ton 4-wheel counterbalanced electric forklift truck with 4.5-meter triplex mast and free lift;

  • 1.6-ton 3-wheel electric forklift truck with 4.5-meter triplex mast and free lift;

  • 1.2-ton electric stacker with 3.3 m up to 4.6-meter mast and free lift;

  • Electric 1.5 ton transpallet, AC motor drive technology with lithium battery.

Zoomlion forklifts

The third product range, tower cranes - not exhibited at GIS but already operative at a job site, consists of a Flat-Top with a maximum boom length of 70 m and a 12/2t. capacity. A machine designed in compliance with European standards, with a solid structure to guarantee maximum reliability for the work site.

Zoomlion tower crane


Davide Cipolla, Sole Director of Zoomlion CIFA Europe - the company which officially distributes these Zoomlion brand products in Europe and as previously mentioned, assembles, designs and produces at a local level in Italy on its behalf, describes the company's approach to the European and Italian market: “The Zoomlion Group strategy is to be present on the European market which has immense potential for the lifting and logistics sector, with a local structure based in Italy. Thanks to reliable, high performance products which are ripe for Europe, know-how and experience developed on the European market, we provide our partners with all-round value services".

Source: Zoomlion Europe