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Magni RTH 5.35S

Magni at Apex 2017: you'll see RTH 5.35S and Scissors Platforms

Apex opening date is approaching fast, and we are getting ready for the set up. Apex Fair will take place on 2-4 May, 2017, at the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We will be present at this fair with our official dealer for Netherland, Germany and Benelux, Collè Rentals & Sales. The relationship between the two companies is going on from the very beginning, we can in fact state that Collè was our 1 st customer and we are working with him from 2013 with great success for both parties. Collè chose Magni also for its own rental fleet, this makes us very proud as is a strong sign of the quality of our product because being part of one of the biggest rental fleets in Europe is for sure a positive response.

There will be displayed our Scissors Platform Range, currently composed by 8 different models of electric platform that can have both hydraulic or electric transmission.

Magni Scissors Platform Range DC


These platforms are produce by Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co. Ltd. , with which we currently have a partnership agreement lasting from 2 years. The aim of this collaboration was the institution of a New European R&D Centre that will make new studies and design a full range of telescopic and articulated aerial work platforms and to appoint Zhejinag Dingli as distributor off Magni products in China, through its distribution network, and Magni TH as a distributor of Dingli platforms in Europe ( UK excluded).

There will also be on display one RTH 5.35S one example of our RTH range that has the peculiarity of a 360° continuous rotation. The models of this range have different working heights form 18 to 46 meters and can be fitted with various type of attachments. The characteristic of being able to change the attachments on the vehicle easily and quickly makes it possible to have a single vehicle that performs three different main functions; for example, telescopic handler when equipped with forks, aerial platform if equipped with basket, or crane if equipped with winch or with jib with winch.

In specific RTH 5.35S has 35 meter of maximum lifting height and a maximum lifting capacity of 5 ton. The design of this machine has been specifically developed to grant the best lifting performance possible: the chassis has been reinforced to resist the strain of a capacity at maximum height (34.7 m) of 2.300kg and also the patented boom design is specific for this: it consists of 6 elements with 2 cylinders for extension placed outside the boom itself, and inside there are just hoses and pipes. In this way hoses have more available space to move during extension and retraction of the boom and this avoids accidental breaks.

Magni Scissors Platform Range HD


Another peculiarity of the boom is the way in which it is managed by the software: the first 4 sections are activated by the cylinder placed on the upper side of the boom and they move proportionally with the chain extension system. The 5th element, which is the biggest and the heavier, is managed by another cylinder placed on the lower side of the boom, which works in a proportional way to the boom angle; this means that the more the angle increases the more the 5th element extends. This extension system has been developed to keep a good load capacity on the wide horizontal reach, otherwise the weight of the 5th element would reduce too much the load capacity of the machine; things are different in the vertical sense instead since in this case the weight remains close to the load center of the machine.

Common to all our models both RTH and HTH are the following features:

  • 360° continuous rotation

  • From 18 to 46 m working height

  • Pressurized cab with 100% air filtration with panoramic windshield

  • Display touch screen in the cabin for an easy management of all machine aspects

  • Electric system in CAN BUS - Load Sensing Hydraulic Circuit



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