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Magni launches the TH 3.6

Magni launches the TH 3.6
Magni Telescopic Handlers Europe
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Magni launches the TH 3.6

IMAGE SOURCE: Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl

  • Magni introduces the TH 3.6, the most compact fixed telescopic handler in its TH range, designed for construction, logistics, and soon agriculture, with a 3-tonne capacity and a 5.8-metre lifting height.

  • The TH 3.6 features a Deutz Stage V engine with 55 kW (75 hp), achieving a top speed of 35 km/h (21 mph), and includes four-wheel drive and steering with hydrostatic transmission for enhanced stability and maneuverability.

  • It offers three steering modes: front, concentric, and crab, catering to various operational needs and ensuring optimal performance in tight spaces and uneven terrains.

  • The new compact cab design prioritizes user experience with ergonomic control placement, USB ports for device charging, an air-suspended seat, adjustable steering column, heating, and radio.

  • Equipped with the Magni Combi Touch System (MCTS) on a 7-inch touch screen for comprehensive machine control, including access to load charts and other functions.

  • The TH 3.6 stands out with its Load Moment Indicator (LMI), a sophisticated tipping protection mechanism that provides precise performance and safety monitoring, distinguishing it from competitors' usual load cell systems.

With capacity of 3 tonnes (6613 lbs) and lifting height of 5.8 metres (19 ft), the new TH 3.6 combines small size with impressive performance. In fact, the most compact fixed telescopic handler in the TH range, intended for the construction and logistics sectors and soon also for agriculture, is able to lift its maximum load to a height of 5.4 metres (17.7 ft), 2,500 kg (5511 lbs) to the maximum height and 1,100 kg (2425 lbs) to a horizontal reach of more than 3 metres (10 feet). Its low-level design makes it ideal for tight spaces, while retaining optimal ground clearance for uneven terrains.


These characteristics, together with a Deutz Stage V engine of 55 kW (75 hp) give it a top speed of 35 km/h (21 mph). The four-wheel drive and steering, with hydrostatic transmission, provide superlative stability and manoeuvrability with 3 steering modes: front, concentric and crab.

With the launch of the TH 3.6 Magni also presents the new compact cab, which maintains the same development approach as its predecessor in the TH range together with a new dashboard that optimises the user experience through the ergonomic placing of the main controls. It also features USB ports (3.0 and c-type) for charging electronic devices and a handy cup holder. The new cab’s standard outfit is completed by the air-suspended seat, adjustable steering column, heating and radio.

Consulted via the 7 inch touch screen, the MCTS (Magni Combi Touch System) on-board software provides complete control of the machine with icon-based navigation. From the main menu, the operator can access the themed screens with the various functions, including load charts. Unlike competitor models on the market, which have the usual load cell systems, the TH 3.6 is the only machine equipped with a more sophisticated, precise tipping protection mechanism to maximise performance and safety, in line with the entire TH range. This is the LMI (Load Moment Indicator), which enables constant monitoring of the machine’s movements to prevent any kind of overload.

Source: Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl