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Mammoet’s heavy lifting approach optimizes expansion project

Mammoet Malaysia has been awarded the heavy lift contract by a major Korean EPCs to support activities for their expansion project in Johore, Malaysia.

Bottleneck in petrochemical complex expansion overcome by smart engineering


Mammoet will provide heavy lifting services for the expansion of an integrated petrochemical complex in Malaysia. The project includes the installation of new reactor vessels ranging up to 650 metric tons and over 100 meters tall.

The installation of vessels is taking place around the existing petrochemical complex’s infrastructure, resulting in a constrained operating area. The site’s obstructions include a low pipe rack around the construction area, making it difficult to place the large reactor vessels. Mammoet devised an engineering solution to overcome this bottleneck using one of its fleet of PTC 35 ring cranes.

The PTC 35 crane has a capacity of up to 1600 metric tons combined with a long reach and small footprint. This enables the vessels to be installed directly from a main road and lifted over the pipe rack. Using the PTC 35 minimizes the need for double handling of components thereby reducing the equipment needed and optimizing project planning.

"Mammoet was able to provide our client with a unique solution that would optimize the handling of heavy vessels. Less movements on site results in reduced risks, reduced costs and a faster completion, reducing the overall time-to-market for our client".