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MARINI-ERMONT presents its new, patented concept of transferable and hyper transferable asphalt plants, based on a concept of smart, embedded mobility containers, guaranteeing unrivalled transfer costs, worldwide.


For this world premiere of the concept, the whole MARINI-ERMONT experience is brought into play to offer an unprecedented asphalt plant, easily transferable anywhere worldwide, with or without a crane or civil engineering thanks to its smart container concept, without compromising on the quality of the asphalt.

The EXPLORER concept benefits from the latest MARINI-ERMONT technology based on 40 years’ experience and produces a high rate of RAP recycling.


MARINI-ERMONT is the world leader in continuous hot-mix asphalt technology. Since 1987, when it joined the FAYAT Group, it has marketed more than 700 asphalt plants worldwide, including its highly successful ranges of hypermobile asphalt plants.

This concept of hypermobility allows the transfer of an asphalt plant from one site to another at extremely low transfer costs, within short deadlines.

In its concern to obtain the lowest possible transfer costs for all destinations, MARINI-ERMONT has developed a new hyper-transferable asphalt plant in the form of a smart container, allowing unbeatable transfer costs worldwide, regardless of the distance.


The EXPLORER concept is aimed at:

  • Either customers starting a hot-mix asphalt activity and looking for an easy-to-use asphalt installation, guaranteeing peerless asphalt quality, made at low cost in a stationary, transferable or mobile installation.

  • Or customers wishing to access sites worldwide through a strategic tool that may be transferred anywhere at record low cost, bringing together the latest MARINI-ERMONT technology and very high-quality asphalts.


  • Unrivalled transferability

With its smart container format and embedded mobility, the EXPLORER concept can be transferred anywhere worldwide by road, sea or rail at record low transport cost and within the shortest assembly/dismantling times.

It also benefits from embedded mobility that allows it to dispense with civil engineering and cranes, in its hyper transferable version.

  • High quality asphalts

Equipped with the same technologies and PLC as all other MARINI-ERMONT asphalt plants, the EXPLORER concept produces recognised and peerless asphalt quality.

  • Low energy consumption

A high-tech burner with compressed air spraying system and fully heat-insulated short circuits optimise energy consumption.

  • Environment

The EXPLORER concept is designed to blend seamlessly into a circular economy through its standard-fit high recycling features and into the environment with its low visual impact.

  • Return on investment

Thanks to the combination of the above four points, the EXPLORER concept is positioned as an asphalt plant offering the highest return on investment on the market.


MARINI-ERMONT, an historically innovative company, continues to develop its know-how through the new EXPLORER concept to allow road construction companies to broaden their activity by being more competitive and reactive, while guaranteeing user safety and the production of high-quality asphalts.

MARINI-ERMONT’s policy consists in supporting all its partners at each stage in the life of their asphalt plant, to assist them in their everyday use and ensure the sustainability of their installation.

Whatever the equipment chosen, each user can rely on the historic expertise and competence as well as the customer service of MARINI-ERMONT.