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Massey Ferguson MF 6718 S pull-off reveals benefits of unique Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction™ tyre option as used on South Pole expedition

A fascinating tractor pull-off, between two new MF 6718 S models, recently demonstrated the superior qualities of Massey Ferguson’s unique factory-fit Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction™ tyre option.


This special pull-off, held recently at Innov Agri, Outarville in France, confirmed the ProgressiveTraction™ tyres’ ability to deliver more traction. The test showed how their host MF 6718 S was able to pull more than a tractor’s length ahead of an identical tractor fitted with standard Trelleborg tyres over the 150m test track.

The advanced ProgressiveTraction™ tyre will be available as a factory-fit option exclusively for the new Massey Ferguson MF 6700 S range. It uses a double lug design to transfer more traction and deliver other benefits - as proven on a Massey Ferguson’s Antarctica2 expedition in December 2014, when an MF 5610 became the first tractor fitted with pneumatic tyres to reach the South Pole.
Trelleborg worked closely with Massey Ferguson’s engineering team to develop the tyres for travelling at maximum traction and safety in the severe environment, as well as reduce fuel consumption.

The ProgressiveTraction™ tyres, used on the Antarctica2 expedition, employ a special double lug design, which operates on the ground at different times, progressively releasing higher traction when and where required. The double lug also provides the tyre with better flotation capability at low pressure.

The pull-off used two MF 6718 S tractors, which were identical apart from their tyres. One was equipped with the latest Trelleborg TM800 ProgressiveTraction™ 650/65R38 and 540/65R28, while the second one was fitted with standard TM800 tyres.

These two tractors were linked together with a wire rope, running through a pulley on the hitch of a heavily ballasted MF 8730 brake tractor, fitted in Trelleborg TM1000 High Power tyres.

During the pull-off the two MF 6718 S tractors ran at the same engine rpm and gear to travel at a target speed of 5km/hr down a 150m long test track. The larger, MF 8730 set off in the same direction, travelling at a slower speed to provide a ‘moving brake’. With the rope free to move around the pulley it enabled the tractor transferring the most power to the ground to move ahead of the other one.

“This visual spectacle shows, quiet clearly, the ProgressiveTraction™ tyre option on the MF 6718 S really is capable of delivering some enormous benefits. You can actually see the gains and realise the huge savings that can come from cultivating 4m-5m more land in every 150m,” said Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services.

“ProgressiveTraction™ tyres are the perfect match for the new MF 6718 S – the first four-cylinder agricultural tractor capable of delivering 200hp, with Engine Power Management (EPM). This compact, powerful engine reduces the overall size of the tractor, providing an outstanding power to weight ratio to combine the highest performance with excellent agility and economy,” adds Mr Scott.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson