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Massey Ferguson supports Generation Farm

As one of the sponsors of the Generation Farm Conference, leading farm machinery manufacturer Massey Ferguson is strongly focused on the future of farming and farmers.


“Farming will always be a challenging profession but the long-term prospects for agriculture are strong,” says William Judge Massey Ferguson National Sales Manager UK and Ireland. “Massey Ferguson is committed to ensuring that the new generation is motivated and excited by the business of agriculture. The line-up of speakers and the broad range of topics to be discussed at the Generation Farm conference is impressive. Events like this are about listening, learning and sharing - to make the most of the future.”

“We are excited to be playing an active part in shaping the future of agriculture with the supply of straightforward, dependable farm equipment and practical technology to boost farm productivity and profitability,” he explains. “Feeding the burgeoning global population is one of the world’s greatest challenges. To support this effort, all of us involved in agriculture must be at our best. The key is to employ a blend of experience and young thinking to move forward.”

“Farmers need to ensure that they operate their farms as a business. They need to be business men and business women and make a proper living from their farms. This is why Massey Ferguson gives its full support to events like Generation Farm which are designed to encourage this business-minded attitude and inspire young farmers to continue to be proactive and innovative in their outlook and thinking.”

“It’s important to have a strategy and a clear pathway mapped out to realise your ambitions and secure the future of a farm enterprise,” William remarks. “This means prudent succession planning. The typical family-farm business model ensures that expertise and knowledge of the land is carefully passed on in the mission to ensure sustainable production for many generations to come. And every new generation can complement this through innovation and the use of new technologies. European young farmers are some of the most innovative, productive and sustainable food producers on the planet and we need to keep it that way.”

Massey Ferguson provides a full-line of farm equipment including tractors, combine, balers, materials handling machinery, hay and forage tools and power generators. This comprehensive taskforce of machinery is designed to support all types of farm operations in all conditions. Among the latest new tractor releases are the new 75-95hp MF 4700, 100-110hp MF 5700 and the 100-130hp MF 5700 SL which recently won the Tractor of the Year (Best Utility) 2016 Award at Germany’s Agritechnica Show.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson