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Massive interest for COBOD’s 3D construction printers at bauma – successful new PERI rental model

  • Together with German distributor PERI, COBOD exhibited at the world’s largest construction exhibition, bauma from April 8-14, 2019

  • COBOD got hundreds of global leads and almost 20 new offers for sales of 3D construction printers to be send out following the exhibition

  • New renting model for 3D construction printers from PERI created large demand from German construction companies

Before the bauma COBOD International had announced a new exclusive distribution agreement with PERI for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. COBOD followed up on that by being present at the huge 5.000 m2 PERI stand that received almost 30.000 visitors daily. COBOD’s part of the PERI stand received massive interest and was constantly crowded with representatives from the conventional construction industry interested in the new technology.


German PERI Group is a leading player in the German, Austrian and Swiss formworks, scaffolding and construction markets. At the world leading construction machinery equipment exhibition, bauma, in Munich from April 8-14, PERI had their own exhibition hall measuring 5.000 square meters. PERI and COBOD exhibited together providing COBOD an unprecedented exposure and access to the mainstream conventional construction industry.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD International said: “We were overwhelmed by the amount of interest, the global interest as well as the interest from the German speaking countries of Europe, which PERI is our distribution partner for. We really experienced how PERI’s significant distribution power in Germany, Switzerland and Austria fuelled the interest from the conventional construction industry in these markets. Henrik Lund-Nielsen continued: “The advantage for us by having PERI as our distributor in these markets is not alone their market reach, but also that PERI has the financial muscle to offer a rental model for 3D construction printers, and that proved to be very much in demand.

3D construction printers can cost from a couple of hundred thousand Euro to several hundred thousands depending on the size of it. For any potential buyer embarking on this new technology, it will be a major step. Making the technology available via time based rental, where no purchase is needed to try out the technology, might be exactly what the 3D construction printing industry needs to become part of the mainstream construction activity.

Already last year, when the investment of PERI into COBOD was announced, it became clear that PERI had large ambitions with their investment in COBOD. It now transpires that these ambitions included making the 3D construction printers manufactured by COBOD available to PERI’s customers among others via rental.

Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Head of 3D construction printing at PERI explained: “We are now following up on our investment last year in COBOD, by making COBOD’s 3D construction printers available to all our German, Austrian and Swiss customers. In our scaffolding and formwork equipment business we offer our products on rental basis and we know that this model is very popular with the construction industry. Therefore it makes sense for us not only to be selling the 3D construction printers of COBOD, but also to offer these on a rental basis.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen added: This is the first time ever, that 3D construction printers have been offered broadly on a time rental basis, but based on the success PERI had with it at the bauma, I am sure this model will be offered in more countries in the coming period. To me, this is the business model for the future for 3D construction printing technology and it will help the technology gain market share fast.

At bauma PERI had built their own exhibition hall with 3 floors and a total of 5.000 m2. The hall was extremely popular and visited by almost 30.000 visitors per day. PERI and COBOD exhibited together in the PERI exhibition hall. Commenting on the bauma exhibition, Henrik Lund-Nielsen concluded: Being present at bauma was new for us. The large exposure to the conventional construction industry was great and we had hundreds of leads and almost 20 requests for actual offers. 3D construction printers are now finding their way into the conventional construction industry via PERI, the rental model and this exhibition. We definitely plan on coming back in 3 years at the next bauma”. 


Source: COBOD International A/S