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Material handler at the log yard: Whether mobile or stationary – the SENNEBOGEN concept will impress

In total, five SENNEBOGEN material handlers are used at the international packaging and paper company Mondi, based in Štětí (CZ). The centerpieces of the new log yard are two stationary 835 electric material handlers, which feed materials into the wood processing area. They are supported by three additional mobile material handlers at the storage location.


Mondi has operated one of its largest pulp and paper factories in Štětí (CZ), approximately 40 km north of Prague, since 1949. When it came to re-organizing the logistics of the log yard, SENNEBOGEN provided an impressive solution, as the site manager Tomáš Wojnar reports. Around half of the logs are delivered by train, and loaded directly from the wagon onto the wood processing area. In 2014 and 2015, two SENNEBOGEN 835s, featuring 160 kW electric motors, were mounted directly alongside the tracks. The machines each rest on a 6.0 m high pipe-pylon, and are fitted with a 20 m long handling equipment set. Both 835s are powered by a 160 kW electric motor. The extra-spacious, comfortable Mastercab offers space for driver and equipment, and even has an additional space for a trainer.

Safe operation and up to 50% savings thanks to the electric drive

Safety at work is the top priority at Mondi, so the machines have been fitted with a range of additional equipment. A railing on all sides and walkways on the uppercarriage provide maximum safety during servicing and maintenance. A telescopic emergency escape ladder allows workers to exit the machine within seconds in the event of an emergency, and an acoustic warning system alerts the driver if a colleague enters the working radius of the machine. Moreover, the machine cannot be operated while the cab door is open. Along with these safety criteria, the financial advantages of the electric drive were also a key requirement for the people at Mondi. The electric drive saves around 50% of operating and energy costs in direct comparison with diesel-powered machines. Low maintenance costs and the ability to work without refueling are additional advantages.

Mobile "pick and carry" concept provides support for loading

"The majority of loading at the plant is carried out by both of the stationary SENNEBOGEN 835 electric material handlers," explains Wojnar. "The rest is done by a mobile 735 material handler, which fetches timber from wood piles further away and is able to move around the log yard in a flexible way." The "pick and carry" concept is an impressive solution, with compact dimensions in order to maneuver between the wood piles, 11.3 m of range, and 3,0 m² log grapple. For truck unloading, there are two additional 825 material handlers in operation on the site.


Sennebogen 825 M on LECTURA Specs
Sennebogen 835 M on LECTURA Specs
Sennebogen 735 M-HD on LECTURA Specs