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Matermaco visits Ausa

AUSA receives the visit of its Belgian importer, Matermaco, at its headquarters in Barcelona.

On Friday, the 29th of April 2016 the new CEO from Matermaco Mr. Benoit Strauven and Mr. Luc Deleener, Matermaco Division Manager, visited the Ausa Headquarters in Barcelona.

Matermaco is the Ausa Industrial Range importer in Belgium and holds with Ausa a long standing commercial relationship, which was cemented more than 15 years ago, during that period of time close to 500 machines have been sold to Belgium.

Mr. Benoit Strauven recognized to be “impressed by the premises and the potential that Ausa products’ can bring to Matermaco, which we will channelize efficiently into the market. Matermaco is well recognized in the Belgium market for importing first class brands, withholding a long lasting history in the construction and agriculture sectors in the country. Currently we are in a process to add more value to our customers, matching more efficiently their current demands and foreseeing the future trends”.

Mr. Josep Soler, Managing Director for Ausa DACH & Benelux adds “Matermaco is an example when we come to distribution, due to their capacity to distribute top brands across Belgium. In particular in the compact construction segment, the Belgium rental market is in a upward trend, and the Ausa products are attaining an important focus within Matermaco. The Belgium customers are seeing the rental as a new form to match their customer’s demands without investing heavily in equipment, rather they prefer to rent it out when needed.”

Mr. Luc Deleener, Division Manager at Matermaco “Ausa offers us a comprehensive product range that allows us to enter into construction, rental and agriculture business, complementing other product lines that we also have. The Ausa product range is being recognized in the market for being compact, reliable, improves the efficiency in the jobsite and adds value to our customers; therefore its products are valued in Belgium”.

Source: AUSA Center S.L.U.