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MaxTruck 2T – Unique Truck with 360° 4-way possibilities!

Efficient, Flexible, Ergonomic and Environmentally Friendly – MaxTruck 2T is the Omni-directional counter balance forklift that can do so much more than just handle material from A to B in an ordinary way. 

MaxTruck AB from Sweden has developed an Omni-directional forklift with great flexibility to be used in several different applications within Production, Logistics and Maintenance. The MaxTruck 2T makes it possible to reduce a truck fleet by 2-3 units due to the flexibility and the efficiency. 

A unique forklift within the global market, the MaxTruck 2T is a 2 ton electric counter balance truck which is able to drive in any direction, which ensures greater flexibility and more efficiency when working in small areas. The truck has a lifting capacity of 2 ton and a maximum lift height of up to 4.2 meter. 


Although MaxTruck 2T has a high level of innovation it is also based on well-known technologies. 

MaxTruck 2T is a 4 wheeled multi-directional forklift equipped with the patented Max Wheel,  previously used in lifts and lifting equipment for clients in the aircraft manufacturing industry in the United States. The Max Wheel gives MaxTruck 2T a unique way of mobility. But this is not the only benefit of Maxtruck 2T. The truck has great environmental benefits thanks to low power and oil consumption, and short drive distances compared to conventional forklifts. 

Since July 2010 the Swedish government is 35% shareholder of MaxTruck AB via Fouriertransform AB. Fouriertransform AB is a state-owned venture capital company tasked with strengthening the Swedish industrial cluster’s international competitiveness on a commercial basis. The mission includes taking an active role as an owner in order to help to ensure the structured and successful commercialization and continued growth of the portfolio companies. Fouriertransform AB contributes expertise by placing qualified representatives on the boards of all of the companies in which it holds an interest. 

See more info of Fouriertransform AB at 

Thanks to the unique construction the MaxTruck 2T needs up to 60 % less working area and will save up to 90% in drive distance compared to a traditional counter balance truck. The efficiency of MaxTruck 2T will also reduce energy consumption when compared to a traditional forklift. In a case of multi shift usage, MaxTruck 2T is also a highly ergonomic battery changing system, which can be operated by a single person without any Hand Pallet Truck or Electric Pedestrian Truck. 

MaxTruck 2T is constructed to give the driver optimal view. Using a telescopic boom instead of a mast like on traditional forklifts the driver always get optimal view when handling material, or when changing any tool in the production. The driver can always decide drive direction when handling material which ensures safe and easy transport. This flexibility minimizes the risk of collisions and injuries. 

MaxTruck 2T has great advantages in handling long loads in narrow workshop areas  due to the forklift's unique design, which enables it to sneak around objects even when transporting loads such as 6-meter-long beams on the forks. 
The lifting height and the reach of the telescopic boom makes it easy to position the goods to the desired position. 

MaxTruck 2T can be used indoors as well as outdoors if there is appropriate working area. This way of handling makes it possible to unload a truck and then immediately lifted the bulky long goods directly into production. 

MaxTruck 2T can be equipped with two different service platforms; up to 6 meter working height and up to 8 meter working height. Using the service platform the MaxTruck 2T becomes an electric boom lift with outstanding mobility and flexibility. Thanks to the Max Wheel, it’s highly efficient when tasked with maintenance or other work. Using the service platform the MaxTruck 2T is also perfect as an order picker. 

The attachment carrier, similar to those often used in the construction machinery industry, ensures a great flexibility using a variety of different tools. For example MaxTruck 2T can be used when lifting tools or goods in and out of machines in production. 

MaxTruck 2T can be equipped with several different attachments to fit the application. Basically the application itself will decide which type of tool should be utilised on the MaxTruck 2T. Any kind of attachment can be developed and manufactured to fit the application at the customer's site. 

Example of attachments:  

  • Fork Positioner

  • Turn able Fork Positioner

  • Multi Fork Positioner

  • Extension Forks

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    Service Platform working height up to 6 meter and up to 8 meter

  • Lifting Boom with lifting height up to 6 meter and capacity up to 2 ton

  • Waste Containers

  • Bucket for pellets handling

  • Oil Drum Clamp

  • Sweeping Attachment for cleaning

The control system of the MaxTruck 2T supports external panel connections to the forklift. It’s possible to control the forklift via the external panel, E.g. the one which is located in the Service Platform. It’s also possible to control the forklift externally via a Radio Controlled Panel E.g. when using the truck in contaminated areas handling radioactive waste.