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MB Crusher at Intermat 2024

MB Crusher at Intermat 2024
MB Crusher Europe
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MB Crusher at Intermat 2024


  • MB Crusher showcased its complete line of compact equipment at Intermat 2024, emphasizing job site independence and optimization.

  • Demonstrations included the MB-L120 crusher bucket, MB-HDS312 padding bucket, and MB-G500 sorting grapple, highlighting the versatility and efficiency of MB Crusher attachments.

  • The equipment, designed for compact machines, enhances work habits by expanding functionality and creating new job opportunities.

  • Real-world applications were highlighted, such as waste reuse on construction sites, topsoil preservation in Versailles, safe movement of landscaping materials, and efficient sorting and recycling of construction waste.

  • MB Crusher's commitment to sustainability was underscored at Intermat 2024, with a focus on reducing emissions, reusing materials, and the overall environmental benefits of their equipment.

The entire MB Crusher's line of compact equipment debuted at Intermat 2024


Today, being independent on the job site is essential to be competitive. The solution is to optimize the sites by using the machines already there. All you need is a heavy machine, regardless of its weight, an operator, an MB Crusher attachment and a visit to the stand E 043 HALL 6 and demo area EXT6 C 094 where MB CRUSHER has exhibited for the first time in full the range of equipment dedicated to compact machines, at Intermat 2024 in Paris. The show reflected the potential of the machines working as if they were on a job site. At the demo area outside, an MB-L120 crusher bucket, an MB-HDS312 padding bucket and a MB-G500 sorting grapple has been working all exhibition long mounted on a Yanmar excavator and Lehnhoff quick coupler.

Crusher buckets, trommel and padding buckets, hydraulic cutters and sorting grapple: as the heavy line, the MB Crusher compact range does not change work habits: it improves them. Not just a complement to the carrier machine, as MB crusher attachments also expand their functionality and, consequently enhance new job opportunities for companies. As told by the customers who use them on their construction sites.

Waste is reused on site

With a MECALAC 8MCR excavator and an MB-C50 crusher bucket, a French company specialized in groundworks and construction of swimming pools reuses the demolition waste instead of sending it to the landfill, thus reducing disposal costs, and pollution while respecting the residential area where they work.

MB Crusher at Intermat 2024<br>IMAGE SOURCE: MB Crusher

Topsoil must be preserved in Versailles

The customer installed an MB Crusher MB-S10 screening bucket on a 10-tonne Mecalac and was able to screen the cuttings to obtain topsoil - a natural resource that must be preserved - to create flowerbeds and refill the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

MB Crusher at Intermat 2024<br>IMAGE SOURCE: MB Crusher

If I move it, I do it safely

A landscaping company has chosen an MB-G350 sorting grapple that fits on its Bobcat E27 mini excavator to safely move branches, trunks, brambles and twigs.

MB Crusher at Intermat 2024<br>IMAGE SOURCE: MB Crusher

Sifting even when is humid

Installed on the Doosan DX63 excavator, the MB-HDS212 padding bucket allows an earthmoving company to sort and recycle as much construction waste as possible. Once recycled, the materials can be reused or resold. Waste management reduces the impact on the environment and saves the company money on the purchase of new materials.

From resource to waste: pollution. From waste to resource: MB tools.

Intermat 2024 is also and above all sustainability - decarbonisation was indeed the theme of this edition - at a time when the environmental emergency must come to the forefront of the various agents. And MB Crusher attachments mean sustainability because they allow waste to become a resource, to be reused, they reduce emissions by avoiding the constant back and forth of trucks, and they send the strong message that the valorization of inert materials is the true wealth of all production. And also for the companies themselves.

Source: MB Crusher