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Metzner Recycling gains added value from Hitachi equipment

Metzner Recycling gains added value from Hitachi wheel loader and Genuine GET

A German recycling company has combined a Hitachi ZW150-6 wheel loader with Hitachi ground engaging tools (GET) to maximum effect on a demolition project in Erlangen. MMRHP Metzner Recycling GmbH (Metzner Recycling) took receipt of the machine in May 2019 from authorised local dealer Kiesel, and the wheel loader has been quickly put to use on a wide range of tasks across the 38,000m² site.

Maximum fill rates

Once the five existing buildings on site have been demolished, construction will begin on a new Siemens campus. Thanks to its size, ease of operation, and the round floor bucket, the ZW150-6 has proved suitable for various activities, including transporting and loading materials into a crusher, loading lorries and distributing materials.

Hitachi ZW150-6


“I discussed the advantages of the ZW150-6 and the floor type of bucket with Kiesel and knew that it was the perfect solution for this job site,” says owner Michael Metzner. “Most of our other buckets are flat on the bottom, but the Hitachi bucket has a round floor, which makes it easier to fill with material and results in less wheel spin. This is quicker, more fuel-efficient, and prevents tyre wear. The teeth also last twice as long as competitors’.”

A key consideration

Michael decided to purchase the wheel loader after seeing it in action at Kiesel’s Coreum facility, located in Stockstadt, near Frankfurt. Here, companies have an opportunity to test out a variety of Hitachi machines and attachments in a dedicated demonstration area.

Hitachi ZW150-6 wheel loader

“The bucket is one of the most important parts of a wheel loader,” explains Kiesel’s Product Manager Wheel Loader, Bastian Mesmer. “It needs to be selected carefully depending on the material being handled, the site profile, and application. The benefits of Hitachi buckets [to companies such as Metzner] are the high quality, fast delivery times, suitability to machine, and also the high efficiency.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

Hitachi ZW150-6 on LECTURA Specs