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MF 1840 baler - Sam Groom

It’s always gratifying for a manufacturer or service provider to receive wholesome, positive feedback from a happy customer.


Matt Boardley, sales representative based at Thurlow Nunn Standen’s Diss depot picked up just such a call from a customer – Suffolk-based contractor Sam Groom – who, about four weeks earlier, had taken delivery of a new MF 1840 in-line small baler.

Matt recalls: “Sam had just finished a 24-hour baling session to get baled up before the rain came in and managed to make 10,500 bales in that time. He added that over the month he’d been using the 1840, the running total was 52,000.”

Sam himself, who trades as SCG Agri Services, takes up the story. “At this time of year (early August) we are flat out baling straw, but have been baling since May, with the normal running order being silage, haylage, hay, then the straw. We rent some land ourselves to grow hay on, but predominantly contract for other people.”

So, why go for the MF 1840? “Capacity, mainly,” he states. “Although the 1840 is the only conventional baler we have invested money into in recent years, the improvements are phenomenal. We used to run a John Deere 459 – a very good machine, reliable and simple – but the MF 1840 outperforms in every respect.

“It’s pretty simple to use – doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set up! But, with regard to efficiency and output, this is where this machine comes into its own. If the swath’s right, I’ve been able to achieve a spot rate of 900 bales an hour, at roughly 18.5kg per bale. I think that might be one for the Guinness Book of Records!

“Just running in-line, we were used to having an offset baler, but now it’s just so much easier to start and finish a field. The knotter fan is welcome addition, as is the extended bale chamber. Getting a good, solid bale every time is a must for us, otherwise the straw merchants can moan like hell!”

Sam has become a firm convert to the inclusion of a Bale Baron within the overall set-up. “It’s the right machine for the job,” he says. “The 1840 exactly matches the Baron’s capacity, which I could never manage to do with the John Deere. Even travelling along the road with it is a breeze.”

TNS also attracts fulsome praise from its happy customer. “They’ve been absolutely fantastic,” he says. “In my experience, most new machines have a few gremlins, but TNS have looked after the machine very well indeed – they’ve always been there – even on a Sunday!

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re definitely putting the machine through its paces. We’ve done 80,000 bales so far and aim to top 100,000 by the time the season is done. All in all, I’m very, very pleased – both with the machine itself and the level of support we’ve received.”

And Sam’s not the only TNS customer to appreciate the MF 1840’s reliability and capacity for work. “All of those who’ve bought one so far seem to be pretty happy with the performance,” Matt Broadley confirms. “Not much goes wrong with them.”

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson MF 1840 on LECTURA Specs