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Michelin to Demonstrate Low-Pressure Agriculture Tires at Canadian Farm Show

Company to unveil two new high-horsepower tractor tire sizes, new hard-surface backhoe tire size


One of the most effective ways farmers can improve yield is to minimize soil compaction by using tire fitments that are designed to operate at lower air pressures compared to standard radial tires. At the Ag in Motion Show, Western Canada’s outdoor farm expo on July 19-21 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, attendees will clearly see how MICHELIN low-pressure agriculture tires can reduce soil compaction and increase yield. 

The first demonstration will show how tires with MICHELIN® Ultraflex VF (very high flexion) Technology can carry the same load at up to 40 percent lower air pressure compared to standard radial technology tires, or up to 40 percent heavier loads at the same pressure as standard radial tires, resulting in a larger footprint and reduced soil compaction1. The demonstration will show a prepared compaction pit 16 feet long by 24 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The pit is constructed with layers of soil separated by layers of limestone, with a cross-section exposed to clearly show the rut depth of the tires and the effects of compaction at different pressures. A 173-HP Apache Sprayer AS1020 equipped with MICHELIN ®SPRAYBIB® VF380/90R46 singles on both sides of the rear of the machine was driven onto the pit with the tires pressurized at VF pressure on one side and as a standard radial tire on the opposite side. After the sprayer is backed off, the test will show more-compacted layers under the tire pressurized as a standard radial and less-compacted layers under the VF pressurized tire.

In a second static demonstration using a Challenger MT965E (550-HP Engine) 4WD tractor equipped with CTIS (central tire inflation system) from PTG/ Precision Inflation, LLC, the footprints will showcase differences in tire footprints from road to field. CTIS enables a tractor operator to change pressures on the fly for optimum performance. For example, CTIS allows for an easy reduction in pressures when changing from road conditions to field conditions. The tire pressure on this Challenger’s eight tires can be adjusted with the touch of a button on the tractor’s control panel. CTIS is widely used in Europe and has been increasingly used in North America to minimize compaction and increase traction, fuel economy and tire performance.

“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase why farmers should think about their tires and what loads they can carry, because that makes a big difference to their equipment performance, their soil, their crop yield and ultimately their bottom lines. MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology is one of the best investments they can make to help maximize equipment efficiency and increase crop yields,” said Mike Pantaleo, customer engineering support for Michelin Agriculture tires. “We are excited to have the chance to conduct demonstrations to provide farmers with a chance to see with their own eyes the sharp contrast of a side-by-side comparison of our MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology.”

In addition, Michelin is introducing three new tires sizes for North American farmers. The following new tire models, designed for tractors, telescopic handlers and loaders, include:


The new MICHELIN® AXIOBIBTM IF 750/75R46 and MICHELIN® AXIOBIBTM IF 650/65R38 are the latest additions to Michelin’s AXIOBIB line. They are designed with MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology, an innovative tire and a casing design that promotes soil protection, fuel savings, longer service life and greater endurance. These two new tire sizes offer a high load capacity and a low level of compaction for large mechanical front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive machines. An IF (Increased Flexion)  tire has the same rolling circumference as the industry-standard radial tire, but it can handle the same weight at up to 20 percent lower air pressure or allow for 20 percent more load at the same pressure. Running at a lower air pressure reduces cost of production by improving traction and fuel economy while reducing slip and soil compaction. They are the newest size additions to the AXIOBIB family and are immediately available for North American farmers.

MICHELIN® BIBLOAD Hard Surface™ (HS) 440/80R24

Designed for asphalt and other solid surface applications in agricultural and construction, this hard surface tire offers radial construction, steel belts and reinforced casing for puncture resistance. It is designed to carry out a large number of lateral, longitudinal and transversal movements on hard, wet and even snow-covered surfaces. With a patented, 96 multi-directional diamond-shaped tread block design and robust sidewalls, BIBLOAD Hard Surface provides reduced hourly costs and superior longevity. The tread design facilitates the evacuation of mud and greatly increases traction in snow removal applications. 

MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology, developed in 2004 with the introduction of the MICHELIN® XEOBIB® tire, is the breakthrough mobility innovation that makes the ever-increasing power and weight of today’s farm machinery more efficient.  Michelin was the first tire manufacturer to introduce high-flexing tires in North America with the introduction of the MICHELIN® AXIOBIB® tires and the first tire in the industry rated by the U.S. Tire and Rim Association as IF (Increased Flexion).

Source: Michelin