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Mid-weight and compact loaders meet Stage V standard

JCB will launch updated 407 and 409 wheeled loading shovels to meet the latest EU Stage V emissions standards. Both loaders will retain the JCB Diesel by Kohler engine from the previous generation, however the installation will require a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet the new emission level. Power outputs are unchanged, however JCB will offer an automatic engine shut-down feature, pre-set by the factory. This can also be changed by the customer, through the forward console display, to improve engine efficiency.


The 407 will also be equipped with a new ‘whisper-quiet’ Rexroth hydraulic pump, to reduce overall noise. In addition, an Eco Drive Mode has been incorporated, delivering up to a 16% fuel saving in high-speed travel. The 407 offers a maximum speed of 35kph, while the 409 has a maximum travel speed of 40kph.

An upgraded cab interior features improved plastics, in line with the Command Plus cab fitted to larger JCB wheeled models. This includes an updated instrument display for Stage V. Externally the styling has been updated to reflect the family appearance, with new mouldings on the HVAC access door and roof.

Smart Power 403

JCB is to introduce a second engine option for the compact 403 loader. While the current 26kW (36hp) model will remain in production, the company will also offer a 19kW (25hp) Smart Power model, for those customers seeking ultimate fuel economy.

JCB will also make a folding ROPS frame available as an option on the 403 for the first time. Designed to work in low height applications, the folding frame reduces the overall height of the machine from 2,235mm, to just 1,845mm, making it suitable for work in multi-storey car parks and in agricultural sheds. The ROPS/FOPS structure retains a glazed roof section, with protective mesh and can also be supplied with working lights, including new optional LEDs.

The 403 will be offered with a free-flow hydraulic return line, for motorised attachments and the machine will be available with a hand-controlled inching function. This will allow the operator to set the travel speed, independent of engine rpm, to allow powered attachments to be operated while moving at a steady inching pace.

For customers who require additional stability when handling attachments, the 403 can also be ordered with an extra 160kg counterweight. This bolts on beneath the machine, increasing the full turn tipping load by up to 151kg and should be particularly useful for builders’ merchants and other operators requiring higher load handling capabilities. The additional counterweight will not be available with the lower powered Smart Power model.

Source: JCB

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