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Mobile Space Miracle

SBM Mineral Processing adds a world premiere to its product range of supermobile concrete mixing plants EUROMIX®.


Efficient production of high-quality site concrete is one of the most decisive factors for the cost-effective realisation of construction projects in any terrain. SBM is market leader and pioneer with 20 years of experience with its supermobile plants series EUROMIX®. At bauma 2019, SBM will present a sensational further development, a real world premiere. The SBM plant EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE combines sophisticated technology with ergonomically optimised operation and modern design.

Supermobile meets super-compact

The supermobile version of the EUROMIX® series is really supermobile. In accordance with SBM’s philosophy to focus on the major demands of the clients, quick and easy relocation of a plug-and-play plant takes priority. The operational and transport-optimised modules are equipped with three-axle-undercarriages making them both self-supporting trailers and independent components that can be easily moved on public roads. This feature unique in the market has been an outstanding and proven characteristic of this series and is also a crucial factor for the decision-makers in combination with the sophisticated and reliable mixing technology. Thanks to continuously refining this combination of compact design and powerful technology, SBM managed to make the system EUROMIX® the market leader in its class.

Increased operating comfort results in even better performance

To allow even more efficient use of the high-performance mixing unit SBM has upgraded the proven technology with a new design. The supermobile plant SBM EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE is a previously unknown combination of sophisticated technology, modular flexibility and even further increased spaciousness: SPACE is what is offered here, in more than one sense. The modern design is continued in the interior according to the motto: Form follows function – in the best sense of the word. The construction engineers have created substantial improvements by making reasonable modifications to the previous design without significant changes of the transport dimensions or the basic weight. This is an important upgrade as stated by DI Erwin Schneller, Managing Director of SBM Mineral Processing GmbH. “The new plant offers 100 % more space on the mixing platform and even 200 % more walking and standing space for service and maintenance works.“

Perfect synergies

When the plant design was modified, SBM aimed at exploiting possible synergies in the best possible way. One indicator for this success is the fact that the new spacious design results in a noise insulation improved by 15%. DI Erwin Schneller: “Due to the optimised space utilisation it is possible to completely insulate the entire housing, meaning that even the basic plant is 100%-winterproof in the standard version. All series plants ensure reliable concrete production at temperatures from minus 25 – 40 ° C.” To make the powerful 24/7 production even more efficient, SBM has also modified its dosing technology. In combination with the installation of state-of-the-art motors of the latest generation, this reduces energy consumption by 15 %, optionally a reduction by 25 % is possible. “It is our ambition to expand our leading position as a technological pioneer also in the field of environmental sustainability,” explains DI Erwin Schneller. And the proven plug-and-play system standing for the extremely short setup-time of only 480 minutes is used even more effectively with EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE.

Convincing presentation for all operators

The new EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE shows all benefits of the EUROMIX® series that was developed by SBM as a real trendsetter in the global market of supermobile concrete mixing plants more than 20 years ago. One major feature is the durability of the plant. “The first EUROMIX® is still successfully working at full blast near Moscow,“ says Schneller. At bauma 2019, EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE will be one of the highlights at the SBM stand. Visitors will be able to see for themselves how the spacious outside design has been technically upgraded in the interior. 

Source: SBM Mineral Processing GmbH