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MOLDTECH innovative box culvert we cast solution for Canadian client

Anmopyc Europe
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Despite the current Covid 19 situation the production at the Moldtech factory is going full speed ahead with 2 production shifts. One the elements presently under production is a box culvert wet cast mould which however will have a multi-purpose application.

This mould which is being built for a Canadian client can not only make box culverts in various sizes and wall thicknesses but can also be used for making other rectangular building elements such as stairwells and elevator shafts.


As normally the box culverts have a chamfer and elevator shaft don’t Moldtech designed an ingenious system where the corner elements can be substituted so the same mould can make corners with chamfers and straight corners.

Another remarkable feature of this mould is that it incorporates a system for height adjustment which will allow our client to produce casted elements of different heights by lifting the base ring. This way the client only has to fill up to the top of the mould in order the obtain the desired height of the casted element.

As is always the case, this mould also allows to modulate the length and width with a maximum size of 5639mm (222”) and a maximum width of 2642mm (104”). These dimensions can be adjusted by taking out the so-called insert panels. Likewise, it is possible to adjust the wall thickness to 3 different sizes 203mm (8”), 254mm (10”) and 305mm (12”).

The total scope of supply also includes 2 bases which will allow the client to attain a production of 2 casted elements every 24 hours. Moldtech has been producing box culvert wet cast moulds for more than 25 years but thanks to its close cooperation with its clients, it has been incorporating new innovative solutions on a continuous basis which allows the company to be on the forefront in the industry.

Source: Anmopyc