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MOLDTECH new project in Algeria

Anmopyc Europe
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Prestressed electric poles according to SONELGAZ regulations in Algeria.


MOLDTECH has studied the design of the equipment meticulously, so that the client has production systems that allow user-friendly use, in addition to having the help of hydraulic opening and closing systems. These moulds allow to produce in three different lengths, 9, 11 and 12 meters. 

The project includes equipment to produce electric poles according to the regulations of SONELGAZ, a historic electric power and gas operator in Algeria. SONELGAZ has been and is a promoter of electricity and gas distribution networks throughout the Algerian territory. 

As in all the projects we develop, MOLDTECH will provide a staff training service on site for the correct use of our technology, which implies an important “added value” for the client. 

Once again, MOLDTECH is committed to the development of electrical infrastructures, adapting to each country with equipment that allows to produce electrical poles and power substations.

This project has been a technological challenge that allows us to continue growing in the development of electricity infrastructures in Algeria.

Source: Anmopyc