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More and more machinery data are being searched on the Internet

Online searching is trendy
LECTURA GmbH International
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Online searching is trendy

Researching construction machinery information on the Internet is undoubtedly growing. Before buying a machine, buyers of construction and agricultural equipment prefer to find and analyze specifications, features and other details about equipment online on LECTURA portals (LECTURA Specs and LECTURA Press), and we are happy that more and more of these professionals choose to use our service. We have prepared an overview of statistics from the LECTURA portals in 2019:

  • 3 271 358 professional visitors searched machinery data on our portals

  • 8 254 369 pages were viewed by our audience in total

  • 5 992 074 models were checked

  • 28 985 data sheets were dowloaded

Our international audience not only sourced the information but there was also huge engagement from their side as the visitors provided 43 932 machine and brand ratings.

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  • 5 326 articles were published by LECTURA Press department

  • 866 563 newsletters were sent to our subscribers

  • 316 951 read articles were reached

  • 231 155 views were delivered to the customers' videos via our retargeting service and campaigns

Moreover, we found out that a professional user sources data from LECTURA every 7 seconds.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder