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More than 10,000 now use Engcon’s DC2 control system

Engcon, the world’s leading manufacturer of tilt rotators for 1 -33 tonne excavators, delivered its 10,000th DC2 proportional control system. The DC2 is one of the smartest control systems on the market: not only does it have a range of functions, but it also has remote support via the mobile phone network.

Engcon recently delivered its 10,000th DC2 control system from its factory in Strömsund, Sweden. Demand for the DC2 is steadily increasing, which comes as no surprise to Roberth Jonsson, general manager of Microprop of Umeå, which developed the DC2 for Engcon.

“DC2 is one of the smartest systems on the market. Used with the MIG2 joystick, the DC2 can proportionally control up to 6 excavator functions simultaneously. For those who need it, many other functions can be connected in and turned on and off by buttons on the joystick. It is also possible to equip the DC2 with wheel or track control and to use it to control boom swing or a 2-piece boom.”

Control System DC2


One of the DC2’s smartest features however is the opportunity for remote support via the mobile phone network.“Remote support via the mobile phone network is a unique function that helps excavators to save time and money. The support team at Engcon or its dealer can connect to the DC2 control system, wherever the excavator is located. This improves customer support and saves a lot of travel and technician time, and money,” explains Jonsson. “Contractors are very happy with the DC2 and Engcon can see a steady increase in sales. Many of them have been using other control systems purely out of habit, but when they appreciate the many advantages of of the DC2 and its remote support, for example, they quickly change.”

Unit number 10,000 is being accompanied by an invitation to the end customer to contact Engcon to receive a special prize.

Source: ENGCON