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MultiOne GT960KDI: green tech and lower operating cost

Multione announces the new GT960KDI Tier 4 Final


The MultiOne's continuous research of new components and the planning of innovative solutions continue with the new GT960KDI model.

This brand new MultiOne model, has been designed on the well known GT chassis on which has been positioned the new Kohler engine 1903 TCR.

The result is an incredible boost in term of performance:

- + 30% torque, 220 Nm at 1600 rpm

- + 20% power, 58 Hp

- + 20% travel speed, up to 30 Km/h

- - 15% fuel consumption.

Big performance enhancement to an already best in class mini loader. The GT960KDI come from the well know GT950D, with its top of the line 1,6 Ton lifting capacity, with a peak of 1,96 Ton capability.

These fantastic results has been reached thanks to the new Kohler engine.

Achieving Tier 4 Final emission compliance without a DPF was possible through the efficient use of the engine’s components, including Kohler’s exclusive direct injection systemcooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxygenated catalyst(DOC)

The same technology that makes the KOHLER® KDI diesel engines Tier 4 Final emission compliant is also what makes the engines a money-saving alternative for original equipment manufacturers and owners.

Other features of the new diesel engines include less noise and vibration making itKohler’s quietest diesel model, as well as a heavy-duty crankcase for increased durability to extend the life of the engine.

All the technical data of the new model are listed in the attached pdf: GT960KDI Data Sheet