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Munich job site multi-tasker – SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler crane 673 E supports underground pipe-jacking work

The 673 E SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler crane has been a trusty companion of the Lower Bavarian company Wadle Bauunternehmung GmbH in Essenbach since 2018. Thanks to its compact dimensions and quick availability on job sites, the machine is very popular for all underground construction applications. Only recently the machine has been demonstrating its capabilities on the Munich inner city building site.


We find ourselves in the center of Munich on a spring morning in May. Trams, cars and cyclists are rushing past a narrow row of houses near the traditional Nockherberg pub. A striking green silhouette flashes across a closed-off alleyway. The 673 E SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler crane adds the noise of its engine to the bustle of Munich city life and sets to work. Its mission? The green telescopic crawler crane is there to help with all the lifting jobs on a 178 meter underground micro tunneling project being carried out both night and day over 1.5 weeks.

"We really value the machine's flexibility in building site applications," says Klaus Gerhardter, Wadle's senior site manager. "Transport is easy, attachments can be fitted quickly and being able to control the variable adjustable telescopic boom via the joystick means that we can react to different tasks on site with very little hassle."

Effective, powerful, easy to handle – all thanks to the Full-Power boom

From loading, to cost-effective transport thanks to the telescopic undercarriage, right through to the short set-up times, SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes are generally equipped for easy, effective handling on building sites. They are an economical acquisition and investment in them really pays off on the building site. This is true of Wadle's 673 E, which is equipped with an up to 36 m telescopic boom, an economical 168 kW diesel engine, and hydraulic ballast support equipment for the 17.4 t rear-mounted ballast. The machine can also be used safely and flexibly at inner city locations thanks to its compact size.

Loads of up to 70 t can be controlled and lifted with ease thanks to the Full-Power boom. In Munich the general purpose machine is used by Wadle primarily for unloading the steel reinforced concrete pipes from the delivery trucks and for lowering the drill head into the excavation pit.

"In addition to the machine's efficiency, the personal advice we had from SENNEBOGEN and our service partner IBS Baumaschinen was very important to us. We have been using the Lower Bavarian manufacturer's machines for many years. We really value their quality and quick availability!" says Klaus Gerhardter about the machine purchase. 

Source: SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH